Carb loading per se, and what the hell you writing?

So, I have a pretty good tournament to play in tomorrow, it's a charity tied thing and it was a blast last time well except for the 10's. Almost 11k to the winner paying down to 15th with max of 300 players.

I've been debating, play a bunch this evening and get sharpened up or play none. I see both sides of the argument, (ohh be right back, just got check-raised), GOTCHA. Err where was I, yeah playing a bunch or (be right back) not playing. I am leaning (I'm sorry this is the last time I promise, be right back) toward playing a bit tonight.

AHHHH I just put a guy all-in for his last 400 after I flopped a set of A's and he calls with Kh-3d,
with no K's on the board.....OMG he just hit runner runner to make a K high flush.
What a country!

Anywho, I was wondering do any of youse guyze/galz take notes while playing live? And do you get any flack (click it, no it's not layne) for doing it?

A little clean-up here, regarding the MASSIVELY popular "poker epitaph" thing I did a couple of weeks ago Mr. Pokeronfilm was the only brave soul to submit one therefore he wins a copy of The Tao of Poker by Larry Phillips.

Hey if you visit here and have a blog of your own let me know, if I like what you do I'll link out.
(wow that just sounds waaayyy pompous)

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Newbies, the call to post, and a boatride..

Much to my dismay the newbie tournament last weekend didn't happen...man was I bummed. But it's still in the works (muwaahaaaa).
So fearing a weekend without a little cash in action I ventured off to the pony yard. The last few times I have been to the racetrack, they have KILLED me. I'm not a 5 star handicapper but I'm no slouch either. When you go to the track and everyone knows your name is is the sign of a problem??

I purposely, repeat purposely only took $60 with me, which is about 1/3 to 1/4th of my normal stake. Sometimes when you have a limited bankroll it forces you to play smart, only bet in the premium situations etc. This is tough to do sometimes but with getting fleeced the last few trips out, I had to pull back on the reins and re-evaluate.

This is not too far from a good poker strategy, when (god forbid) you hit a wave of cold cards or endless beats.

Here's the quick track summary down, up, down, up, up, up, down, down, down, up and that's after umpteen rounds of beers and lunch. + $7.50, you can call me Trotter.

Sidenote if you have never seen Let it Ride, go to the video store now, no I mean right now, It's the perfect comic summary of every racetrack in the country.

With the entire evening free, and a pocket full of cash (I stopped home for some more bullets) one of the newbies that was trying to arrange the not-to-ever-happen tournament, said the magic 5 words, "Want to hit the casino?"

Unfortunately, the local riverboat, the same one with ample space for a cardroom, has no pokerroom. Ride the wave, try a pokerroom, in this area it would be packed 24/7 but why give the people what they want?

Here's the quick casino summary down, down, down, little up, big down, little down,
net sum -$XXX (XXX just in case my accountant reads this).

Good luck to all in the Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament
(I'll see y'all when it makes a stop at PP)

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I guess it was a stooupid idea????

I guess the Poker Epitaph idea does not have wheels either that or youse guyze are too busy sharpening the skills for the Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament hosted by Mr. Uber himself. If you haven't signed up and want to play visit Iggy's for the details. (on PP next time Iggy!)

I've only received one poker epitaph submission so I'm guessing y'all wern't too keen on the idea. Nonetheless, I'll keep it open until 8/25 and we'll see what happens.

coming soon the weekend update.

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You can't beat me from here......

I have played a lot of poker lately, a lot and if someone would email/call PP and tell them to turn off the 4 to a flush boards I'd really appreciate it. (Yes they are running bad). So I decided to take the day off and hit the racetrack. No offense to Pokerati and his buddy Todd but I'm looking to have a little bit better luck than their latest outing (crossing fingers).
l djk sajbas kldjasdlf (uncrossing fingers so I can type). Better yet I have a sweet, oh so sweet home game in the works tonight, please oh please let this game happen. 99% of the players in this game will be newbies, let me repeat poker newbies, once again poker newbies with money.

I really really really hope this home game happens, nonetheless I hear the "call to post."

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Outplayed, plain and simple. A Poker Epitaph?

I read numerous blogs about the huge winnings, glorious plays, astronomical suckout badbeats and something is missing. A pure, honest, no punches pulled, ditty of how I simply got outplayed 2 days ago. No flowers, no cute puppies, no dotting the i's with hearts, just down and dirty.....

***** Hand History for Game *****
400/800 TourneyTexasHTGameTable (NL) (Tournament ) - Sun Aug 08 17:59:14 EDT 2004Table Three Table
Table 1 (Real Money) --
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 1: (260)
Seat 2: (10694)
Seat 4: (9692)
Seat 6: (4765)
Seat 7: ME(1660)
Seat 10: (2929)

xxxxxx posts small blind (200)
ME posts big blind (400)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to ME[ Jd, 8c ]
xxxxx folds.
xxxxx folds.
xxxxx folds.
xxxxx calls (400)
xxxxx folds.
ME checks.
** Dealing Flop ** :
[ 7h, 9d, Qh ]
ME checks.
xxxxx checks.
** Dealing Turn ** :
[ Jh ] ME checks.
xxxxx checks.
** Dealing River ** : [ 8s ]
ME bets (600)
xxxxx raises (1400) to 1400
ME calls (660)
ME is all-In.
Creating Main Pot with $3520 with ME
** Summary **Main Pot: 3520 Side Pot 1: 140
Board: [ 7h 9d Qh Jh 8s ]
xxxxx balance 260, didn't bet (folded)
xxxxx balance 10694, didn't bet (folded)
xxxxx balance 11552, bet 1800, collected 3660, net +1860
[ 5h Ah ] [ a flush, ace high -- Ah,Qh,Jh,7h,5h ]
xxxxx balance 4565,
lost 200 (folded)
ME balance 0, lost 1660 [ Jd 8c ] [ two pairs, jacks and eights -- Qh,Jd,Jh,8c,8s ]

Yep OUTPLAYED and if you notice seat 1 has only 260 left and the blinds are 400/800.
(I kept telling myself you can fold into the money, you can fold into the money)

Want to hear the part that rubs salt into the wound??

Do ya? Do ya? you sick sob's, you enjoy my pain don't you. This miracle of card wizardy that I uncorked led me to finish in 6th place netting 0.00 and they paid top 5 places.

Would the collective world of poker bloggers kick me squarely in the a$$? Twice?

Lesson learned.

Ok now that the pain of confession is over, I got an idea that I need you help with. (I thought about it while cutting the grass the other day, do you think pro poker players mow their own grass, ahh well that better saved for another post).

What would you want your Poker Epitaph to be?

Just email me your epitaph, (no attachments please) and I cull them together into an Iggy "uber-post" and hell I'll even send the winner (I'll be the judge, $crew you! I thought of it) a.............
a......... (looking around the room) a......prize to to be determined later. (It's not gonna be a million dollars, or anything like that, but I'll dig something up poker related, and send it to the winner.

Sound fun or was I in the sun too long? If you read this, pass the word to another poker blogger.
Deadline for Epitaph's will be August 25th.

save me a seat at the final table (doh! I was at the final table)



Would you kill the golden goose?

This amazes me, well getting my AA cracked by Q-5 o amazed me this morning.....GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!
Anywho, If I'm sitting at a table 1) why would I want to help my opponents? If you want to give advise to other players fine, but why help them compete better against you?? Post advise somewhere, write a book, tell your neighbor, whatever. But nooooooo some insist on giving (sometimes good) advise to someone they are playing AGAINST! I'm all for charity, but not with my poker bankroll.

2) If you lose a hand to a clueless fish who call a $7 pre-flop raise with Q-5 o (my this sounds familiar) why bash & berate him/her?

If you have ANY fundamentals to your game you will snap this fish off for twice what he won in that one hand. Why yell at him/her? scare them into playing better (ha) or worst leaving with some of your cash? WHY WHY WHY?

If you found the golden goose would you yell and scream at it till it ran off or quit dropping golden eggs?

No, you feed it ex-lax, so next time your AA gets cracked by Q-5 o give that fish a "nice hand" and a big dose of ex-lax.

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I'm baaaack, the un-report, and god bless the poker bloggers

Would you like to start out the night -70.......me neither. My business trip out west didn't afford me the liberty to sneak off and take a stab at the card playing masses. We were in the middle of nowhere, well, we were about a 30+ dollar cab ride (each way) away from the nearest card playing facility. Why does work get in the way of poker? Doesn't work know that it not even in the same league as poker? That's the un-report.

Nonetheless, no poker for over a week (arm twitching), not even talking about poker (leg shaking), but alas my heroes, cranking out the "uber posts" a quick update or a full blown report, God Bless you Poker Bloggers, you have gotten me through a rough time.
I almost ended up in the desert, on a horse with no name, whew it's good to get out of the rain....

Thanks to all out youse guize, that have linked me up and posted comments recently.
JW , Dr. Pauly it's good to know that people read my ramblings.

Gotta run I just got check raised at a 25NL table, (and I got the nuts) just wish that guy had more than 13 bucks left.........will someone hand me the stringer?

God I love poker

save me a seat at the final table

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