My Demise.....

OK, I've finally come to terms with getting busted out in a tournament last Friday. It's been about 2 1/2 hours (about 2/3rds of the field is already gone) and I'm playing pretty tight which suits our table. I've only stepped out and bullied one pot (against a real newbie, who had absolutely no clue, let me say that again he had absolutely no clue). The blinds are going up to 20/40 in 1 minute and I'm under the gun. Giving a quick peek I catch A-K off, with the table play up to this point I'm fairly sure that an all-in (I've got about $130 left from the starting $200) will pick up the blinds and pad my stack. Well fairly sure was not enough, seat 9 (I'm in seat 6) calls my all in. A scan of his chips he got $80 won't put me out and I figure he's on a pocket pair, and as tight as he's been I REAL sure I probably won't like it.

Here's where the chaos comes in...

This is a charity event, $200 buy-in almost 11K to the winner, with volunteers doing the dealing. Some of which had NO clue how to deal, let me repeat that NO clue how to deal. It's not their fault, and hell it's been pretty smooth at our table so far.

My caller in seat 9 pushed his chips forward and the dealer mucked his cards (seat 9 did announce a call). It was starting to get a bit heated, between various players at the table most of which agreed, protect your cards, and any cards that hit the muck are DEAD.

I told the dealer & seat 9, "Someone better go get the guy running this." About a minute later here comes "the guy" seat * start in on him right away, "I'll tell you what two cards they were and even the suits."

So seat 9 whispers them to the guy and he checks the muck, since earlier he had to settle a similar dispute and pulled the cards out of the muck for that table he had to do it again. Remember it's charity, and these are volunteer dealers so I'm not that mad. More mad that I stepped out for all my chips and got caught.

The rest of the table folds

I flip over Ah Ks, seat 9 turns over 10h 10s, well I'm thinking it could be worse...a coinflip situation.

The tens hold up.
I'm down to $50.
And now the blinds are 20/40 & I'm BB. Just peachy.

The small blind leans over and whispers, "so I guess you're gonna go all in?"

"Yep, in the dark babyeee!!!" ( with my worst Scotty Nguyen impersonation)

Seat 8 raises 75, all others fold...I call off my last $10.
He flips over.......NOOOOOOOOOOO Not THEM the same
10h 10s that just stuck it to me the hand before.

Time to get my money's worth..so I stood up and flipped them over one at a time...... Qs...not to bad an over.....8s.

The majority of the table was in my corner after the last hand...
I'm begging for some spades or queens
flop comes 5c.....Qc..... 7d

YES! I clap hands and feel pretty good, turn comes 2d, I still feel good...

River comes 10s

Now I'm not too happy...but that's the way it goes. I shake hands with the "10" BROTHERS and everyone else.

I got the left, right combo and busted out in two hands. I played pretty well, had a good time, and oh yes there will be more tournaments.....as a matter of fact there's another this Friday.

Save me a seat at the final table.


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