Tournament details

Ok here's the set up...$200 buy in No-Limit, no rebuys, 306 players entered. First place pays a little over 10,000, on down to 15 which pays 300. Anyone playing gets free food, beer, soft drinks etc. And all for a good cause, St Rita's School for the Deaf.

Everyone starts out with $200 in chips and the blinds are 5-10 for the first 2 hours...
The first guy busted out (#306) on the first hand at my table. The guy in seat 4, 40ish looks like he's played a bit in his time, raises 20...everyone folds except for seat 9. Mid to late 20's guy, never played in a tournament before, pretty nervous, not really sure of the betting, not really sure who's turn it is, (but at least he remembered to bring his shades). Nonetheless, he calls the raise, flop is Kd, 4d, Jd.
Seat 4 bets 50 seat 9 calls.
Turn is rag.
Seat 4 all-in, seat 9 calls.
When they flip 'em over Seat 4 has Ad, Qd for the nut flush, seat 9 has pocket 4's for a set. Everyone Ohhh's and ahh's remember, this is the first had and a total of about one minute into the tournament.

River card.....4

Nervous in seat 9 pulls the quad 4 on the river, UNBELIEVABLE. I'm not going to even calculate the odds UNREAL.

At least they did give seat #4 a prize for being the first knocked out.....the book Poker for Dummies. They should have at least let everyone know that he was beat by quads!

soon to follow......my demise


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