Strange fruit

It's OK to be coy.... blueberries are brain food, it's your right now that you have the bracelet. What the hell is all this "top top" table talk & near outright disclosure of hands that Gold displayed in the WSOP? He was walking on a very thin line when talking about his hands during play. It's just odd. I understand the mentality of befriending a foe at the table or playing the "nice guy" that no one wants to take a shot at, but I thought he was going to start playing hands face up.

Am I missing something here? Some higher voice that only dogs & management/production poker playing agents can hear?

If you have not listened to the interview he did on Rounders The Poker Show go and check it out. If you can get through the entire interview without feeling a little confused, a little sick of the outlandish chest thumping, & can figure out if this guy actually believes what he spouting. You my friend are a better person than I.

save me a seat at the final table.

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