It's in the mail

I haven't played a hand of poker in months (lie). I haven't read anyone's blog in months. (lie) I haven't posted in months. (truth)

There's nothing like waiting for a package in the mail.... when you were young it was sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, & decoder rings. As you grow up it turns to kick ass posters, the newest CD (by that new band that no one has ever heard of), & parts for your skateboard/bike etc. As an adult it's computer parts, new drives, & electronics; looking for the common thread? Still searching? o.k. I'll give..... it's the jackass that delivers it (no offense if you deliver goods & are not a jackass). I was just walking down the steps in my home, past the front door & heard the loudest thud & bang on my front porch. Only to hear it followed up by the sound of a brown truck driving off. (yes I hear in color). Thanks for throwing that box of computer hardware from the middle of my yard, I know you have great aim with small packages but would the obvious packaging not strike a small synapse in your head to set down a package with electronics/computer related items? Guess not. I'm just thankful that it didn't have a fragile or breakable sticker on it, that would have warranted that the delivery guy throw it from the truck while doing at least 45mph. Jackass.

save me a seat at the final table.

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