1) Is NL a crutch? (aka I can't outplay you so I'll try to out bully you)

2) Does it take more skill to play limit?

3) Why does beer taste so good?

4) Why does gin & tonic taste so much gooderer?

5) If you could punch one pro poker player in the face & have absolutely no repercussions who would it be?

6) If you could pick your "dream" final table who would it be against?
(aside from 9 blind, mutes, with the average IQ of 7)

7) Why has someone not already started an all poker channel?

8) What the hell does PAX (the cable channel) stand for?

9) Is there a more biased announcer than Billy Packer?

10) How does AL convince sooo many women to let him take their picture?
(hell that's a question I don't care to have an answer for, just keep up the good work)

And from the ranks of people who should do us all a favor and drink a bullet...
(thanks rich vos, I stole your line...he's a damn funny guy)

Dumb & Dumber

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SNG goodness

20SNG from Sunday
I wanted to post a level by level history but blogger is being uncooperative.

Level:18 Blinds (4000/8000)

Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: MisterD2U ( $58248 )
Seat 4: ( $221498 )
Seat 5: ( $106680 )
Seat 2: ( $203574 )

Dealt to MisterD2U [ Js Kd ]
MisterD2U is all-In [58248]
Seat 2: folds.
Seat 4: calls [54248].
Seat 5: folds.
** Dealing Flop ** [ Th, Qh, 5d ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8h ]
** Dealing River ** [ 7c ]

MisterD2U shows [ Js, Kd ] high card king.
Seat 4: shows [ Kc, Ac ] high card ace.
Player MisterD2U finished in 4 place

Is this an ill advised play? I'm the short stack, and the chip leader has
called down some big bets with absolute junk. Thinking that K-J is probably the top hand at this point & the chipleader would double me up. Just bad timing? Your thoughts and comments?



The sweet smell of victory

Recently, I have been the grindest grinder in grindville and it's paid off. I've focused on clearing my FT bonus (my that's a monster to clear) and playing solid ABC poker.
(no life altering revelations there)

Last time out I mentioned playing in the ESPN poker Sunday qualifier, I decided to do this for two reasons.
1) it allows me to play without abandon, i.e. no monetary swings while, getting the "tilt" factor out of my system. We all have that"tilt" gene hiding deep within our soul that rears it's ugly head at the most inopportune times.

2) 90% of these players are horrible, scratch that, inconceivably horrible. So if I happen to get lucky and win something so be it.

Speaking of winning something (cue the music, this is where it all ties together)
After playing last Sunday's qualifier (finishing 47th of 1257) I get this email from ESPN:
Thank you for playing in the ESPN Poker Club.
Congrats on winning the Sunday Qualifier Third Prize.

Please go here: (of course I'm not going to post the link)

Sunday Qualifier Third Prizes*
Those that place 51st-250th in a Sunday Qualifier will receive the Sunday Qualifier Third Prize package. (ARV $2.00)

Package Includes:• A stick of Degree deodorant
Now that's the sweet smell of victory.

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Finally heads-up....... the entire community on the rail, lines have been drawn. Bragging rights, friendly wagers, hang in the balance as Uwannabet? and Jedimyndtrik battle for the the latest jewel in the WPBT crown. Dead even in chips, neither really caring about the money, both just wanting the respect......

Aw hell it could have been a good story, but I did finish 91st out of 93, confirming my expectations the I play "ORSE" real bad.

I did outlast CDPG, but the victory is hollow, I wanted to play much better than I did & I'm sure Chris had higher expectations. Our friendly wager barely got started, we will have to have another wager on a more conventional tourney i.e. NLHE.

I relate the experience of playing in the WPBT HORSE tourney to being blindfolded, dropped off in a random U.S state, at night, where every street sign has been removed, and trying to find your way home with a map that has been drawn in crayon, on a napkin, by a four year old with ADD.

So am I going to devote time and now delve into the quest for knowledge on "ORSE?" Nope, maybe at a later date. If the WPBT HORSE had been more than a 5 buck entry I probably would have not even played. Nonetheless congrats to the 90 that finished ahead of me, you my friends are much better "ORSE" players than I.

On Sunday I did play in the ESPN qualifier and finished 47 out of 1257. Getting my A-A cracked by K-Q. The top 50 win something, (they are not very clear on what) and supposedly the top 50 qualify to play for a seat in the finals (a WSOP seat). But since the tourney only had 1257 (1500 max) I'm not sure if I made it. Note to ESPN fix your servers, (I was booted & the tourney froze at least 10 times) and put some clear rules on the site. Sweet Jebus that was annoying. I guess you get what you pay for, but at least I'll probably get a coupon for 50 cents off a stick of Degree deodorant.

save me a seat at the final table


Response to Chicks Dig Poker Geeks

In response to Chicks Dig Poker Geeks questioning my "gambling spirit"...

I have a more "gamble" than most, the difference is I know a good gamble when I see one. Playing in a tournament that is comprised of elements that you are not well versed in is much akin to just going out and buying a scratch off lottery ticket.

To openly question the heart of a gambler might seem trivial to some but everyone I know (that gambles) would take huge offense.

I am offended.

I'll chalk it up to pure ignorance, you being young, not really knowing what you are talking about. I would even venture a guess that you have never wagered more than a 100 bucks on a single decision in your short lifespan.

I purpose a small (unlike your ego, and closer to your bankroll) mano y mano wager. I would like a new header graphic, done to my specifications(not outlandish I might add). I in return will offer up my extensive audio library, and personally create two of the finest "Music to play poker by" CDs on the planet. This wager shall also entail the loser shall pay the winners entry fee ($5).

What determines the winner/loser? a higher finish in the WPBT HORSE tourney.
Are you game??

(the above comments are for entertainment purposes only, no offense was taken none was implied. I am completely dead money due to my inexperience in the "ORSE" part of the tourney, but a "all in good fun" wager with Chris will keep it entertaining, while donating.)


Aces never hold up

I wish I had a dollar for everytime blogger ate a post......

On to the good stuff (with running commentary)

Seat 5: peteg ( $33.7 )
Seat 6: Uwannabet? ( $45.55 )
Seat 9: sharky ( $72.25 )
Seat 3: teacher ( $43.5 )
Seat 10: Robert ( $14.95 )
Seat 4: ice808 ( $50.5 )
Seat 7: homey ( $34.85 )
Seat 8: horsey ( $48.75 )
Seat 2: runner1 ( $52.1 )
Seat 1: John ( $24.5 )

homey posts small blind [$0.25].
Horsey posts big blind [$0.5].

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to Uwannabet? [ Ac As ]
(ok, I'm awake now)

sharky raises [$1].
(yes, please, please make the wee baby jebus cry)

Robert folds.
John folds.
Runner1 folds.
teacher folds.
ice808 calls [$1].
peteg folds.

Uwannabet? raises [$1.5].
(lets poke him in the ribs and see if he flinches)

homey folds.
Horsey folds.

sharky raises [$4].
(he did, he did, I saw him he flinched!)

ice808 calls [$4].
(what the hell are you doing in the pot?)

Uwannabet? raises [$28.5].
(ok kids time to get serious and end this right here, I wouldn't want any of you getting lucky and flopping a set)

sharky calls [$25].
(what the hell, ok this guys has got to have A-A or K-K)

ice808 calls [$25].
(what the hell are you still doing in this hand there are only 4 aces in a deck)

** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, 6h, 6s ]
(nothing about this flop scares me. If either of these guys has a six, I'll personally poke my left eye out with a rusty spoon)

sharky is all-In [$42.25]
(ok he's got to have A-A)

ice808 is all-In [$20.5]
(are you still here?)

Uwannabet? is all-In [$15.55]

** Dealing Turn ** [ 4h ]

** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
(ooh, that could have hit someone)

sharky shows [ Jc, Jh ] two pairs, jacks and sixes.
(tisk, tisk, go to the Tao of Poker & read his take about J-J, ex-girlfriend, shopaholic etc.)

ice808 doesn't show [ Ad, Kd ] two pairs, sixes and fours.
(on a draw? on a friggin draw? that's it you just made the buddy list)

Uwannabet? shows [ Ac, As ] two pairs, aces and sixes.
(holy hell, sometimes aces do hold up)

Uwannabet? wins $134.4 from the main pot with two pairs, aces and sixes.

I will attempt to play in the WPBT HORSE on Sunday, I am completely convinced that I shall be the first one out since I only play hold'em. I have dabbled in a couple of the other games, let me repeat DABBLED. The table banter will be worth the $5 alone. (lord help me)

save me a seat at the final table



You think you know your states?? click here I would venture a guess that the average person scores fairly poor on this.


Table Chat

Here s few comments tossed out at a blogger table yesterday

SirNoLiMiT: wow, XXXX for brains can bluff.. lets all clap..
Uwannabet?: <----golf clap
Mr Fishy: Your a chump...soon to be a bigger looser Walgl
SirNoLiMiT: I folded the winner
Mr Fishy: wake up folder
SirNoLiMiT: I didnt wanna chase

Res Ipsa: minraise!
Uwannabet?: cry jebus cry

Uwannabet?: SirIcAnbeAGreSsIve

Res Ipsa: party is rigged

asphnxma: just dropped the hammer
SirNoLiMiT: sweet!

SirNoLiMiT: ooh ooh raise a quarter you filthy XXXXX

SirNoLiMiT: I just started playing today

Res Ipsa: internet poker pros don't need to know how to spell
SirNoLiMiT: he only raises 1 buck with quads

Uwannabet?: damn i folded A-A
SirNoLiMiT: cool
SirNoLiMiT: me too

SirNoLiMiT: wow, his new fame and fortune has gone to his head..
Mr Fishy: no cmpetition....folding puss

Uwannabet?: don't make me min raise!
asphnxma: MRMBJC

SirNoLiMiT: hey, its grrrrrr8 to be you

Mr Fishy: take ur phag friend in the pink with you
SirNoLiMiT:dude, you lost some money, what happened

SirNoLiMiT: he only has trips this time, not quads pre-flop
Res Ipsa: guess the jackhammer wasn't that strong a hand after all

Mr Fishy: dont listen to him...he folds everything...lol
Mr Fishy: figures...your so smart Wal
Mr Fishy: smart as a stump

Res Ipsa: the awesome power of Ace 4

Mr Fishy: folds again....do you know anything else??
Mr Fishy: good we'll all bleed you slowly
SirNoLiMiT: I like chasing gutshot straight draws on a board with 2 pair its fun and profitable
SirNoLiMiT: you got sooooo lucky
Mr Fishy: thanks phags

Uwannabet?: i think Mr Fishy is a PRO
SirNoLiMiT: a hooker?
Uwannabet?: are you Raymer?
Res Ipsa: no dude, that's me.
Uwannabet?: I thought you were doyle
Res Ipsa:oh, that's right. doh!
Uwannabet?: I'm sooo confused

Mr Fishy posts small blind [$0.1].
Res Ipsa posts big blind [$0.25].

** Dealing down cards **

SirNoLiMiT: see, I dont always fold
SirNoLiMiT calls [$0.25].
Mr Fishy calls [$0.15].
Res Ipsa checks.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 6h, 3s, 9c ]

Mr Fishy checks.
Res Ipsa checks.
SirNoLiMiT bets [$2].
Mr Fishy calls [$2].
Res Ipsa folds.

** Dealing Turn ** [ 9s ]

Mr Fishy checks.
SirNoLiMiT bets [$5].
Mr Fishy raises [$20].
SirNoLiMiT: is my 3 any good Mr Fishy?
SirNoLiMiT is all-In [$23.7]

larry: action
larry: i love it

Mr Fishy: you remind me of my little sister
Res Ipsa: pot committed!
Mr Fishy calls [$8.7].

** Dealing River ** [ As ]

Mr Fishy shows [ 2h, 3h ] two pairs, nines and threes.
SirNoLiMiT shows [ Qd, 9d ] three of a kind, nines.
SirNoLiMiT wins $59.65 from the main pot with three of a kind, nines.
Uwannabet?: el whoops
SirNoLiMiT: what a tool, I XXXXing bet the pot on the flop which screams 9, and he does that..

Mr Fishy: real good...could have got outta here 4x..but I'll settle for doubling up...
SirNoLiMiT: stay any longer and your gonna be broke
Mr Fishy: only thing boke at this table is your small dik

SirNoLiMiT: if I had quads id bet a buck
SirNoLiMiT: hey Mr Fishy can we play together every night?
SirNoLiMiT: I gotta make rent by the end of the month, you understand..

save me a seat at the final table

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