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Here s few comments tossed out at a blogger table yesterday

SirNoLiMiT: wow, XXXX for brains can bluff.. lets all clap..
Uwannabet?: <----golf clap
Mr Fishy: Your a chump...soon to be a bigger looser Walgl
SirNoLiMiT: I folded the winner
Mr Fishy: wake up folder
SirNoLiMiT: I didnt wanna chase

Res Ipsa: minraise!
Uwannabet?: cry jebus cry

Uwannabet?: SirIcAnbeAGreSsIve

Res Ipsa: party is rigged

asphnxma: just dropped the hammer
SirNoLiMiT: sweet!

SirNoLiMiT: ooh ooh raise a quarter you filthy XXXXX

SirNoLiMiT: I just started playing today

Res Ipsa: internet poker pros don't need to know how to spell
SirNoLiMiT: he only raises 1 buck with quads

Uwannabet?: damn i folded A-A
SirNoLiMiT: cool
SirNoLiMiT: me too

SirNoLiMiT: wow, his new fame and fortune has gone to his head..
Mr Fishy: no cmpetition....folding puss

Uwannabet?: don't make me min raise!
asphnxma: MRMBJC

SirNoLiMiT: hey, its grrrrrr8 to be you

Mr Fishy: take ur phag friend in the pink with you
SirNoLiMiT:dude, you lost some money, what happened

SirNoLiMiT: he only has trips this time, not quads pre-flop
Res Ipsa: guess the jackhammer wasn't that strong a hand after all

Mr Fishy: dont listen to him...he folds everything...lol
Mr Fishy: figures...your so smart Wal
Mr Fishy: smart as a stump

Res Ipsa: the awesome power of Ace 4

Mr Fishy: folds again....do you know anything else??
Mr Fishy: good we'll all bleed you slowly
SirNoLiMiT: I like chasing gutshot straight draws on a board with 2 pair its fun and profitable
SirNoLiMiT: you got sooooo lucky
Mr Fishy: thanks phags

Uwannabet?: i think Mr Fishy is a PRO
SirNoLiMiT: a hooker?
Uwannabet?: are you Raymer?
Res Ipsa: no dude, that's me.
Uwannabet?: I thought you were doyle
Res Ipsa:oh, that's right. doh!
Uwannabet?: I'm sooo confused

Mr Fishy posts small blind [$0.1].
Res Ipsa posts big blind [$0.25].

** Dealing down cards **

SirNoLiMiT: see, I dont always fold
SirNoLiMiT calls [$0.25].
Mr Fishy calls [$0.15].
Res Ipsa checks.

** Dealing Flop ** [ 6h, 3s, 9c ]

Mr Fishy checks.
Res Ipsa checks.
SirNoLiMiT bets [$2].
Mr Fishy calls [$2].
Res Ipsa folds.

** Dealing Turn ** [ 9s ]

Mr Fishy checks.
SirNoLiMiT bets [$5].
Mr Fishy raises [$20].
SirNoLiMiT: is my 3 any good Mr Fishy?
SirNoLiMiT is all-In [$23.7]

larry: action
larry: i love it

Mr Fishy: you remind me of my little sister
Res Ipsa: pot committed!
Mr Fishy calls [$8.7].

** Dealing River ** [ As ]

Mr Fishy shows [ 2h, 3h ] two pairs, nines and threes.
SirNoLiMiT shows [ Qd, 9d ] three of a kind, nines.
SirNoLiMiT wins $59.65 from the main pot with three of a kind, nines.
Uwannabet?: el whoops
SirNoLiMiT: what a tool, I XXXXing bet the pot on the flop which screams 9, and he does that..

Mr Fishy: real good...could have got outta here 4x..but I'll settle for doubling up...
SirNoLiMiT: stay any longer and your gonna be broke
Mr Fishy: only thing boke at this table is your small dik

SirNoLiMiT: if I had quads id bet a buck
SirNoLiMiT: hey Mr Fishy can we play together every night?
SirNoLiMiT: I gotta make rent by the end of the month, you understand..

save me a seat at the final table


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