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Even big business knows the power.....

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Here's a couple of tidbits on taxes from the good folks at CNN, the full article is located here

Playing card tax: If you want a deck of cards in Alabama, be prepared to shell out an extra dime. The state government has levied a 10-cent tax on the purchase of a playing deck that contains "no more than 54 cards," plus the retailer must pay an annual license tax of $3 and a fee of $1, according to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Wagering tax: Speaking of cards – and bets – most people know they have to pay tax on their gambling winnings. But some places, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, and Oklahoma, exact a wagering tax on casino or track owners,whether you gamble or not. It can get passed onto customers through the cost of casino amusements.

Illinois forces casinos to charge a $2 admission price, which is essentially a tax since it must be remitted to the city and state.

save me a seat at the final table


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