29 and the fate of the free world

Wow what a turnout! 151 thats pretty impressive for a bunch of degenerate gamblers with not much to do on a Wednesday night. I'm not particularly happy with finishing 29th, I possibly could have folded my way to a money finish but that's not what it's all about. The WPBT event in more about bragging rights than about the cash, well it is for me.

Looking back at my demise... Ac Kc vs. Q-Q (them damn Hiltons). Workz's Hiltons held up and I was banished to the rail (which contained a few big names to my surprise). To win any tournament regardless of size, buyin, live or online, you must win those "race" or "coinflip" pots. Just ask Raymer. I did win a few of those throughout the tourney 5 out of the 8 for 62% of the hands that went to a showdown. I looked back at the numbers from tournament, I definitely need to be involved in more hands.

27 out of 189 hands = 14%
Pots won at showdown 5-8 = 62%
Number of times dealt the HAMMER 1
Number of times I raised and won with the HAMMER 1
Number of ALL-INs 6 (it works everytime except once)

I also decided to do a little research on "29" here's what I found

29 is a prime number (that & 80 cents gets you a bad cup of coffee)
29th-President Warren G. Harding (didn't know him but I heard good things)
29th-Super Bowl San Francisco 49, San Diego 26 (It's not the Cowboys so who cares?)
1929-Guy Lombardo plays "Auld Lang Syne" for the first time (Betcha he got sick of playing that tune)
1929-The first Academy Awards, or Oscars, are distributed (I didn't win one of these either)1929-St. Valentine's Day gangland massacre in Chicago (Ac-Kc vs Q-Q for all your chips)
1929-World Series Philadelphia A's d. Chicago Cubs (It's not the Reds so who cares)
1929-The Museum of Modern Art opens in New York City (Future site of a Pauly painting?)1929-Penicillin is first used to fight an infection (Here eat this moldy cheese, I swear It will make you feel better)
1929-Stock Market Crash (Ac-Kc vs Q-Q for all your chips)
1929-Start of the Great Depression (Ac-Kc vs Q-Q for all your chips)
29-Satchel Paige's jersey number for the St. Louis Browns (It's Satchel friggin Page dude)
29-Eric Dickerson's jersey number for the Indianapolis Colts (It's Eric friggin Dickerson dude)29-The atomic number of copper (Unless they start making WSOP bracelets out of it who cares?)
29-The number of bones in a normal human skull (That's a one in 29 shot at a skull fracture)
29-The number of days February has on leap years ( One of my friends was born on Feb 29th)29-The number of letters in the Finnish and Norwegian alphabets (they needed to add extra letters to explain why Norwegian chicks are so hot)
29-John Smoltz's jersey number for the Atlanta Braves (Hate the braves, but damn they had the pitching)
29-Rod Carew's jersey number (It's Rod friggin Carew dude)
29-Iowa was the 29th state (Whew! we just beat Wisconsin to the punch)
29-Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin (Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time)
29-Bruce Willis - The Return of Bruno (Maxim's 30 Worst Albums of All Time)
29-Current temperature in Denver (Denver I'll see your 29 and raise you five)
29-Exit Number you take to get from JFK Airport to the Double Tree in jersey City (I got nothin' for this one)

So you may ask what does all this mean? What's the relevance? What's the deeper meaning?
I need to be more aggressive in tournaments, I'm so sick of "just hanging on" in a tournament, looking to fold my way to a higher place. From this day forth, I shall make it my number one goal, play every tournament like someone just slapped your momma. Push, force players to make decisions. Give up no easy pots.

Easier said than done, but we all must evolve as players.

Next time save me a seat at the WPBT final table.


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