An eerie quiet....

It's kind of strange, no chest beating, no challenges, little bravado. The WPBT is a mere day away and it's an eerie quiet. Are you guys/gals putting on your gameface, chugging raw eggs for breakfast, and doing mouse-clicking finger exercises? Well maybe it's a little serious this time?

I'm happy to see that the Good Doctor has put up some challenges for the tourney, and by the way if you haven't read his post from Monday go do yourself a favor. He gets it, he's good people.

Speaking of the Doc we happened to be sitting at the same NL table the other day, (pure coincidence mind you), we took turns busting chump after chump, adding fish to the stringer. We were only involved in one pot heads-up (his A-K vs. my J-J). Both wary of the other, not much money made it into the pot, but my J-J held up and garnered a "lucky focker." It was a good table for a while, until the slow swimmers busted out and the table filled up with boulders. A make-baby-jesus-cry min. raise chased 99% of the table out of the hand. I remarked how tight the table had turned shortly before the debut of the "Kentucky Hammer" 6-7os (Doc gets naming & copyright credit).

** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Uwannabet? [ 6h 7d ]
Jack11 calls [$0.5].
Dr. Pauly folds.
Taylor9 folds.
garfield folds.
ggrem folds.
Uwannabet? raises [$3].
might9 folds.
duron folds.
wirps folds.
Jack11 folds.
Uwannabet? shows [ 6h, 7d ] high card seven.
Uwannabet? wins $4.25 from the main pot with high card seven.

And that didn't didn't get the rocks to change their grinding behavior any. Oh well, I'll take the more than double the buy-in profit.

save me a seat at the final WPBT table


At 1:56 PM , Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Lol. I forgot about The Kentucky Hammer!! Good job!


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