Runnin well?

I'll have to admit the cards have been running well. Anisotropy mentions a Hank-ism, "light bulb moment" and I'm feeling the same way lately (the good run of cards sure helps). If you practice at any type of activity, cards, golf, table tennis, skeet shooting, whatever, your skill level will progress. This progression varies but no matter what rate you amass the skills, it's inevitable..... you will plateau. This is typically where good players make a subconscious decision, is all the time, money, and sweat worth pushing further? It's not a clear cut decision, for most they become complacent with their level of competency, and continue to toil in the land of average.

Think of any sport or diversion, now think of the "best ever" at that skill.
Ali, Jordan, Babe, Unitas, Picasso, Miles.

Guess what? They too were at that same plateau. Beethoven probably hit his plateau at 2 but you get the idea. Every skilled activity has a gaggle of average or good participants. Many times people say things like, "oh, Johnny is such a gifted basketball player.." well he may be, but when it's midnight and you can still hear him shooting freethrows in the back yard, that's not a gift. That's dedication and that's practice.

Fast forward to the PBB (Poker Blogger Boom), guess what 90% of the blogroll on the right side of this page will hit that plateau, and suddenly become "too busy with work." "too busy with (insert your excuse here)." I'm a part of the PBB, I still consider myself a newbie, I haven't even hit a year on this sad excuse of a site.

(stepping down off the soapbox now)

Am I proclaiming to be above all of you? Not for one second. Am I going quit blogging and hang up the average poker skills? That remains to be seen.

As for right now... it's midnight, I'm Johnny in the back yard and I'm pretty sure that you can hear me still shooting freethrows.

save me a seat at the final table


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