Cinnamon rolls FT style

(if that last post didn't make much sense to you, sorry that's what happens when I swill down 4 beers & then start in with the gin & tonic) onward....

With the recent good run of cards I'm experiencing and it's direct correlation to my bankroll, I decided to make sure Hank keeps his job ;) and fire up an account over at FTP. I don't bonuswhore (like I should) plus I hear it's a bitch to clear FTP's bonus. Nonetheless, I needed a change of scenery. I figured to start it up with a small amount and see how things go. I figured to 2-table some .50/1 and get familiar with their software. I sat down with 10 at each, and figured to fold away the junk and build a little while getting a gauge on how long it would take to clear their bonus.
I was getting killed, (well as killed as you can get at .50/1) dropped one buy-in almost instantly when Mr. happy frog hit his 2 outer on the river. No big deal, rebuy the min & grind away right?

Table #2 slow and steady bleeding, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever win a hand. Down to 2 on the second table. This site hates me (lol). Holy hell, I check the progress of clearing the bonus, I should have it done by the time I retire.I have not been playing bad, just getting sucked out on like I kicked a puppy or slapped someone's grandma.

I typically don't play 50/1 limit anymore (not that I'm some high roller, I just like the 25NL tables, too much bad bluffing makes me smile). Anywhoo, I take a break after dropping 30 worth of buy-ins, get another cup of coffee and sit down with Ms. Uwannabet? for some fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls.

Back at it... except this time one table 25 NL and as I type this all is right with the world and I have quintupled up. One of the biggest hands was a three way pot 6-6,
flop was 6-A-7
A-weak kicker led out with a big bet,trying to take it down right there
A-K raises
I come over the top and push the rest all in
A-weak kicker folds
A-K calls and gets that sick feeling in his pocketbook.

Err, scratch that earlier remark i've septupled up, thanks to A-A vs A-10, poor dude he only got to play one hand, sometimes TPTK is not a good thing. I guess the cinnamon rolls did the trick.

save me a seat at the final table


At 4:04 PM , Blogger hdouble said...

Thanks for the support! Glad to hear that the cards treated you well after a short dry spell. Karma, or something.


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