It is like crack

Blinds are 30-60, I get J-J mid position. I raise 300, yes 300 and get called in one spot.
Flop is rag frickin club, rag frickin club, rag frickin club.
Caller has Kc-10c, I'm crippled.

Fold, fold, fold, fold. (re-seated at another table)

That's all I do for a while and of course the ironic hand of pissy fate slaps me upside the head with J-J. As I wait for the action to get around to me, (I'm already snickering to myself, it's kind of like knowing the end of the story just not knowing the details). I already know I'm pushing the last of my stack all-in. One caller, Q-Q.

J-J is like crack, I wish they would take those sob's out of every deck. Other than that it's been a great weekend.


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