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If you are considering signing up for an online poker room right now, stop. Go directly to PokerSourceOnline.com. Do not pass go. DO collect free money. DO collect free gifts. DO get more bang for your poker buck.

The concept of Poker Source Online (PSO) is simple. Reward poker players for playing poker! You can go straight to an online poker site, download the software, deposit your money, and sign up yourself, and have tons of fun. But you can do all that by stopping by PSO first. You’ll get your initial deposit bonus (sometimes a better one), PLUS a free gift just for signing up. Depending on the poker room and your personal preferences, the gift could be valued anywhere from $50 to $270. And if you are not sure what you want for your gift, just defer your choice, bank “points” on the PSO website, and purchase a bigger ticket item in the PSO store later.

It really is a no-brainer. If someone told you that you could have a savings account at a bank and receive no interest or have a savings account at the very same bank and receive five percent interest, which offer would you take?

Oh, but there’s more to PSO than the free gifts. How does a freeroll tournament every week strike you? How about a five dollar poker league with $600 in added prizes every tournament, plus a total of $2,700 to the top three overall finishers? Or free money just for referring friends to PSO, friends which can get all the same goodies that you will?

The fun doesn’t stop there. PSO is the home of one of the best poker communities on the internet. The PSO poker forum now has over 60,000 members which whom you can talk about poker rooms, strategy, PSO promotions, or anything else that moves you. Add in PSO’s own chat room and poker resources, and you have everything your little poker heart desires.

Stop on by. Say hello.

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