Feel the RUSH....DQB style


The football game that is at the end of the season that you can't use the name of, but could be uperSay owlBay

For what it's worth I see a couple of possibilities. My beloved Cowboys are not in it so I don't really have a dog in the fight, I'd just like for it to be well entertaining. But I've culled my resources, delved deep, rattled chicken bones, read the tea leaves, and asked the magic 8 ball three times and this was the result.....

1) Colts win by at least 2 TDs.

Slow start to the game they trade possessions, Indy kicks a field goal.

(shot of Archie Manning in the luxury box)

Indy-3 NO-0

Manning starts to get a feel for the defensive scheme that's being run and methodically starts to gouge the secondary. Colts TD.

Indy-10 NO-0

(shot of Archie Manning in the luxury box)

Saints start to feel a tightness in their nether region, turnover (not sure if it's an INT or a Bush fumble yet).

(shot of Kim Kardashian in the luxury box)

Colts get a short field & Dallas Clark once again proves that he is faster than he looks.

Indy -17 NO-0

(shot of Archie Manning in the luxury box)

Saints regroup and Brees finds an open Colston for a 38 yard TD

(shot of Kim Kardashian in the luxury box)

Indy -17 NO-7

Colts want to slow the game down and mix in the run a bit more, drive stalls they settle for a 31 yard field goal (close one it was pushed a little to the right, but still good)

Indy-20 NO -7

HALFTIME (old rock act sings medley, mix in a few Hurricane Katrina images, back to the game)

Saints get a good kickoff return, (almost broke it wide open, but that last cutback he was caught from behind)

Brees hits Bush on a screen and one missed tackle later TD

(shot of Kim Kardashian in the luxury box) ((shot of random bar patrons in NO cheering))

Indy-20 NO-14

(announcers mumble something about composure, half-time adjustments, and tackling fundamentals)

Colts say screw the run that's not what pays the bills. TD to Wayne

(shot of Elisha Manning in the luxury box)

Indy-27 NO-14

Saints put together a good drive, but a costly sack they settle for a FG

Indy-27 NO-17

(shot of Archie Manning in the luxury box)

TD to Collie

(shot of dejected & really drunk NO fan) ((high probability of face paint))

Indy -34 NO-17

Brees pressing INT

Colts attempt to slow it down with the run, FG

Indy-37 NO-17

Brees still pressing but hits Henderson for a TD

Indy-37 NO-24

(degenerates cheer as the over has just been hit)

Colts tack on a FG, for a final of

Indy-40 NO-24


2) Saints play a perfect game, Colts have 2+ turnovers. NO eeks out a win

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