We are just too selfish...

Strange how this internet gambling bill, err port authority bill has caused such an uproar, 99% of the people out there are just plain missing the point. It's all about me, me. me, why can't I, I, I, play poker online, & deposit how I'd like. Well you all oughtta be ashamed, you are being waaaay too selfish. Have you stopped to ever think, what about the bots? Yeah that's right, poker playing robots, what are they to do?

The sites will dry up, no easy money for the bots anymore. Pretty soon we will see bots out on the street, hiding in the shadows, selling used transistors to kids. Giving them a free "taste" only to rope them in for the long haul. I shudder to think of how many of these bots will be forced to go get a real job, hell they could be doing your job in a few months. Ever stopped to think about that? Huh? You selfish so & so!

What next?

So just as soon as you start thinking, What about me, me, me? Take a moment & realize how this is going to effect the bots. You might even want to go over to the PPA site & show your support.

Remember it's all about the bots.

save me a seat at the final table.

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