Big Six #9

When & what started you playing poker?

I really can't remember when I started playing but I know I was pretty
young. My father played lots of card games, and poker was one of them.
Texas Hold 'Em, however, wasn't my game of choice until right around the
Moneymaker Effect. I had been playing a home game of dealer's choice back
in G-Vegas when I discovered Ultimate Bet. Although I'll never play at
that cheating site again, it was where I got my online start.

First poker blog you read?

It would have to be Tao of Poker. Dr. Pauly started his poker blog
shortly before I started Up For Poker. His was the first I came across.
Iggy and Guinness and Poker was soon to follow.

Will online poker become Legal, illegal, or no change?

No change. It's already illegal to run online poker all across the U.S.
and some states have even tougher laws regarding any connection to online
poker including playing (although no one has ever been charged as a
player, as far as I can tell). There just isn't enough the U.S. can do to
shut down these overseas sites and there's just not enough pressure to
legalize it.

One thing you could change about Poker what would it be?

Hmmmm... that's a good question. It's a game that's been around for so
long that there's really not much to change about it. I suppose it would
be a desire to get online poker back to where it was pre-UIGEA. I
hesitate to say I want it to see it legalized because it's unclear how
that would affect players.

Dead or Alive: One person you would like to play poker with? Why?

Maybe Howard Lederer. He's such a student of the game. Or perhaps Jamie
Gold. I'd really love to bust that jackass.
Vanilla or chocolate?

Um... vanilla?


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