Is it starting to look bleak?

Party gone, Neteller gone. Bloggers having to register with the government. Gold gets the boot. (funny how Williams, Arieh & Ng survive, probably more than "last hired first fired."

I've never been more afraid of what might happen since this. Of course it's not a full scale invasion, but I think they are starting to chip away at us little by little.

Now for something to cheer you up after all the gloom & doom.

Save me a seat at the final table.


Can we rewind?

Whomever is spreading the rumor that I kicked baby-new-year, will you please stop? The negative karma is killing me. These "year of the hammer" beats are riddickculeous. One outers, two outers falling on the river like manna from the heavens. Pick your level, pick the game, just push & pray. If your sitting across from me there gonna hit. I'm getting scared to walk across the street, for fear that a runaway one wheeled water buffalo cart will strike me down in my prime.

2007 I could make some outlandish goals & waaay out of reach propositions, but I won't I just keep it simple, things that are obtainable.

(In no particular order)

Play in at least one $1000+ tourney this year.
Play in at least a few of the blogger weekly tourneys & win one.
Win at least one bracelet at the WSOP (well if we are going to be realistic we'll just say two).
Win the lottery, start my own poker website, & enlist no one but bloggers to run it.
Make it to a blogger get together (I say this every year).
Play live more often.
Play tackle football with Jessica Alba, (damn someone already got pictures of that).
Figure out when blogger is going to let me upgrade.
Donate more to a worthy cause (remember it's karma baby).
Blog more often (yeah, yeah, whatever)

save me a seat at the final table

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