In attempts to redeem myself for the 1 outta 3...

The Lane's End Stakes. The field looks rather weak, also factor in the polytrack surface (think of it as fieldturf for horses) and anyone is possible to steal this one. While the majority of these horses have not run on the polytrack surface ( just ask Lawyer Ron how well he took to it) I'm going to key a couple of combinations with a horse that I know is familiar with it Silent Times. Being from over the pond (where polytrack is much more common) and being the only horse in the field with a grade II win, he should be part of the mix. Now that you are starting to consider those two points here's the rub. He has not been two turns, all of his races have been 7f, today they are asking for a mile and an eighth, from the outside post. in another country, in Kentucky after a six month layoff. Convinced?

Now that we are back to square one, put him with Tahoe Warrior & Laity. If you love the gimmicks also toss in With A City (big price). If they let Silent Times get off at 5-1 or better it's even a more attractive play, if he gets some action (4-1 or below) I might pass altogether, or play a couple of exotics with With A City.

save me a seat at the winners circle



The Book smiles

Now don'’t be sad
'’cause two out of three ain'’t bad
Now don'’t be sad
'’cause two out of three ain'’t bad

But one outta three is sad.

I should stick to the horses, they never commit as many turnovers or forget to box out.

save me a seat at the final table

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Opinions are like......

For those of you like to have a friendly wager between friends here's a few I'd consider. What makes my opinion better than the next persons? Absolutely nothing. Do I have some inside angle? Nope. Do I take any responsibility for anyone using this information for other than for entertainment purposes? Nope.

Wisc Milwaukee +7

Wichita St +3

Georgetown +2
Ohio St

Sorry, for those of you that are colorblind...
Wisc Mil +7, Wichita St +3, Ohio St -2.

Save me a seat at the final table.

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