It's all about karma

It's been a hectic year for me many ups, many downs. A few bad beats & definitely the donkeys have caught their one outers on the river against me more than their fair share. But that's just called everyday life.
On the poker front, I've not played live as much as I'd wanted to & am having a struggle to carve out the time to play online, but that's just called everybody's life. We all get too busy, we all have the ups & downs with our bankroll, we all have the ups & downs in everyday life.

What's the light bulb moment? The voice from on top of the mountain? (it's not that profound).

Do good.

Being a firm believer in karma, I've linked out to a couple of sites below that offer up a chance for you to pad your karma bankroll.

Charity Click Donation Give money to charity for free through charity clicks.

Lets Say Thanks In support of our troops.
(stolen from another poker blogger's site of which I can now not remember, if it was yours let me know & I'll credit accordingly)

I'd also like to link to John Chow dot com
I started reading his blog a couple of months ago & when he posted "A Time to give back" I knew it belonged in this post.

The only people that say "karma is a bitch" probably have done something to deserve it.
By no means are these the only things that I/you can do but it never hurts to have a couple more buy-ins worth of karma.

save me a seat at the final table

btw- Let me be the first to declare 2oo7 the year of the hammer, genius huh?


Damn funny

If you have not seen this go now you'll be thankful....

Mii Lebowski

Makes me want to watch The Big Lebowski for the 200th time, also makes me want to go buy a Wii.

It's happened to everyone

It does not matter the level you play at hands like this will push you to the edge. (BTW I did not slow play these, it was capped all the way baby!) You have a couple of options after a swift kick to the nether region like this.

1) go on tilt

2) kick the dog (if you don't have a dog go to the pet store buy a dog & then kick it)

3) unleash a textual tirade on the donkey

4) kick the cat (see details of #2)

5) vow to hunt down the chasing donkey & extract a quart of blood for every dollar he sucked out of you.

6) call/IM your buddy and reiterate the bad beat story with grueling detail.

7) blog it

Now for the responses to each of the possible options:

1) can't do that, I like my money too much to tilt off a buy-in

2) it's not nice to kick man's beat friend (I'm pretty sure there's a law about buying a dog just to kick & then return)

3) naa it's wasted if he has chat turned off

4) see #2

5) that's a lot of work & I'm pretty sure ther might be a law about leeching blood

6) your buddy won't give you any sympathy, remember last home game when you hit that 2 outer against him?

7) everyone hates a "Hand History" post

save me a seat at the final table

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