It's happened to everyone

It does not matter the level you play at hands like this will push you to the edge. (BTW I did not slow play these, it was capped all the way baby!) You have a couple of options after a swift kick to the nether region like this.

1) go on tilt

2) kick the dog (if you don't have a dog go to the pet store buy a dog & then kick it)

3) unleash a textual tirade on the donkey

4) kick the cat (see details of #2)

5) vow to hunt down the chasing donkey & extract a quart of blood for every dollar he sucked out of you.

6) call/IM your buddy and reiterate the bad beat story with grueling detail.

7) blog it

Now for the responses to each of the possible options:

1) can't do that, I like my money too much to tilt off a buy-in

2) it's not nice to kick man's beat friend (I'm pretty sure there's a law about buying a dog just to kick & then return)

3) naa it's wasted if he has chat turned off

4) see #2

5) that's a lot of work & I'm pretty sure ther might be a law about leeching blood

6) your buddy won't give you any sympathy, remember last home game when you hit that 2 outer against him?

7) everyone hates a "Hand History" post

save me a seat at the final table


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