Limit, The Big Game, and outrage at mankind.

I can honestly say that I hate, yes dear reader hate, playing in a multi-table limit tournament. Did I mention hate? I accidentally sat down at a MTT over at PP (bonus code iggy), thinking it was NL. (insert Homer's best Doh!) Best of all there is 499 other slubs that entered as well (except I think they did it on purpose).

Ugh, it's much akin to having your hair cut one strand at a time by a drunk with the shakes. The only way I'd ever play in a Limit MTT again is if they promised that the blinds would raise every, lets say...... every other hand. Sweet jebus this is painful.

I have witnessed some of the worst, scratch that, incomprehensible calls and chases rewarded over and over.
I'm starting to think that poker is rigged.

Twice (while trying to end my misery) I have hit my inside straight draws on the river. It's been about an hour and they will not let me go bust (I could log off but what fun would that be?). I've re-raised the chipleader at the table three times to put myself all in only to have that evil miracle card rear it's ugly head on the river.

Don't get me wrong limit is a fine game while sitting in a casino or playing at a regular single table but a 500 person MTT? Your children's children may get to see you play at the final table. But don't plan on going anywhere for the next decade or three.

Finally they have let the pain end (of course I got all my money in when I was a huge favorite against the BB only to have him hit runner runner for two pair.) Poker is soo rigged.


I'm currenly reading The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King by Michael Craig. I'm half way through it and I must agree with the others out there it's a damn fine read. It's rather refreshing to put down the theory books and the strategy books and get back to a well told story.


What the hell?
Jessica Alba (Al's pick) 54%
Angelina Jolie (BG's pick) 46%

This is amazing why is this even close? Have you all not seen Alba? I'm starting to get embarrassed for mankind if they cannot obviously see the the voting should be much more like 3 to 1.

Hey if you don't see your blog listed over on the right two things may have happened 1) I hate your guts & don't believe you should even be allowed on this internet thingy or 2) I've slacked off horrifically and just not added your site. Nonetheless, drop me a line/comment and I'll see that the world is placed back on it's proper orbit.

save me a seat at the final table

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