Response to Chicks Dig Poker Geeks

In response to Chicks Dig Poker Geeks questioning my "gambling spirit"...

I have a more "gamble" than most, the difference is I know a good gamble when I see one. Playing in a tournament that is comprised of elements that you are not well versed in is much akin to just going out and buying a scratch off lottery ticket.

To openly question the heart of a gambler might seem trivial to some but everyone I know (that gambles) would take huge offense.

I am offended.

I'll chalk it up to pure ignorance, you being young, not really knowing what you are talking about. I would even venture a guess that you have never wagered more than a 100 bucks on a single decision in your short lifespan.

I purpose a small (unlike your ego, and closer to your bankroll) mano y mano wager. I would like a new header graphic, done to my specifications(not outlandish I might add). I in return will offer up my extensive audio library, and personally create two of the finest "Music to play poker by" CDs on the planet. This wager shall also entail the loser shall pay the winners entry fee ($5).

What determines the winner/loser? a higher finish in the WPBT HORSE tourney.
Are you game??

(the above comments are for entertainment purposes only, no offense was taken none was implied. I am completely dead money due to my inexperience in the "ORSE" part of the tourney, but a "all in good fun" wager with Chris will keep it entertaining, while donating.)


At 2:42 PM , Blogger Chris Hanel said...

Agreed. Bring it.

At 10:30 PM , Blogger TenMile said...

Jeez, PokerGeek, you can't lose.
Even if you lose, no postal fee's, and you beat him out of 50 cents on the rake.


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