Finally heads-up....... the entire community on the rail, lines have been drawn. Bragging rights, friendly wagers, hang in the balance as Uwannabet? and Jedimyndtrik battle for the the latest jewel in the WPBT crown. Dead even in chips, neither really caring about the money, both just wanting the respect......

Aw hell it could have been a good story, but I did finish 91st out of 93, confirming my expectations the I play "ORSE" real bad.

I did outlast CDPG, but the victory is hollow, I wanted to play much better than I did & I'm sure Chris had higher expectations. Our friendly wager barely got started, we will have to have another wager on a more conventional tourney i.e. NLHE.

I relate the experience of playing in the WPBT HORSE tourney to being blindfolded, dropped off in a random U.S state, at night, where every street sign has been removed, and trying to find your way home with a map that has been drawn in crayon, on a napkin, by a four year old with ADD.

So am I going to devote time and now delve into the quest for knowledge on "ORSE?" Nope, maybe at a later date. If the WPBT HORSE had been more than a 5 buck entry I probably would have not even played. Nonetheless congrats to the 90 that finished ahead of me, you my friends are much better "ORSE" players than I.

On Sunday I did play in the ESPN qualifier and finished 47 out of 1257. Getting my A-A cracked by K-Q. The top 50 win something, (they are not very clear on what) and supposedly the top 50 qualify to play for a seat in the finals (a WSOP seat). But since the tourney only had 1257 (1500 max) I'm not sure if I made it. Note to ESPN fix your servers, (I was booted & the tourney froze at least 10 times) and put some clear rules on the site. Sweet Jebus that was annoying. I guess you get what you pay for, but at least I'll probably get a coupon for 50 cents off a stick of Degree deodorant.

save me a seat at the final table


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