I'm baaaack, the un-report, and god bless the poker bloggers

Would you like to start out the night -70.......me neither. My business trip out west didn't afford me the liberty to sneak off and take a stab at the card playing masses. We were in the middle of nowhere, well, we were about a 30+ dollar cab ride (each way) away from the nearest card playing facility. Why does work get in the way of poker? Doesn't work know that it not even in the same league as poker? That's the un-report.

Nonetheless, no poker for over a week (arm twitching), not even talking about poker (leg shaking), but alas my heroes, cranking out the "uber posts" a quick update or a full blown report, God Bless you Poker Bloggers, you have gotten me through a rough time.
I almost ended up in the desert, on a horse with no name, whew it's good to get out of the rain....

Thanks to all out youse guize, that have linked me up and posted comments recently.
JW , Dr. Pauly it's good to know that people read my ramblings.

Gotta run I just got check raised at a 25NL table, (and I got the nuts) just wish that guy had more than 13 bucks left.........will someone hand me the stringer?

God I love poker

save me a seat at the final table


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