West, west and a small hiatus

I'll be on a small hiatus, for about a week....(I wanted to tell my thousands of readers, err um, I wanted to tell that one guy, who out of pity reads my posts)

This trip is work related, so no long nights of counting stacks, calling a clueless bluff, or slow playing the nutz or......(wheels spinning, google search, eureka! a casino close to the hotel, mapquest the distance from the hotel to the casino, search the website, ahh a poker room)

The good part about this it's out in the southwest.....(where I belong), and if things work out like I plan, I might be able to slip off into the night. Leave the powerpoint behind, and get down to some real business.......

Unless I run into some unforseen challenges, I'll be back in a week, hopefully with a positive trip report recounting the sordid details of my assault on the card rooms of the southwest.
in the meantime....

save me a seat at the final table



At 12:06 PM , Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Thanks for the link up. Keep up the good work.


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