The home tourney, an orange drink, and fold'em elbow

It's amazing sometimes you can sit and sit and sit waiting for cards and when you do finally get something worth playing everybody jumps in.
I played in a home tournament with 33 players, $30 buy in. Pretty nice set up, nice people. I'd just met the host last week at a tournament and when you get 30 some odd people together you gotta expect at least one asshole, and at least one big argument or fight. But none did. It goes to the credit of the vast majority of card players out there, we are good people, we want a good gamble and if you give us any free time it's gonna be spent on the felt or the virtual felt.

The vast majority of the night I spent getting a good case of fold'em elbow, fold, fold, fold,fold,fold, call...fold.

Three of my friends went with me and it's kinda funny, you almost always end up bustin out one of your best friends. And I did, raising preflop with A-Ks, garbage flop, and ended up hitting the straight on the river. I still do not know what the hell he was holding, but my guess would have been a small pair.

I lasted until about 15 or so were left. Which with the cards I'd been getting all night, that was quite a feat. It really sucks being chip deprived all night. I was so low the last hour that if I had an A I was all-in, didn't even look at the second card. (This is not typical of the way I play, but after 3 hours of nothing but rags, it felt good to blow off a little steam like this, hell if I got involved in any pot it was going to mean the rest of my stack)

That netted me, in the three times I did it over the course of an hour, 1) the blinds, 2) one double up with one caller (big blind) 3) a split pot with one of my friends, he called & flipped over A-K off, when I flipped over my second card (I had not looked at the second card yet) it was a K for A-K off.

We didn't stay until it finished up, they had just got it down to one table of seven at about 1:30 am. So I can't give you final table details, but I can pose one question.

Why in the hell do White Castle double cheeseburgers and an orange drink taste so good at 2 in the morning?

Save me a seat at the final table


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