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My 10 rants about online poker (you pick the order)

1- The I will raise every hand theory

2- Here let me give you playing tips

3- you mean calling a pre-flop raise with Q-5 off is not a good play?

4- raise with a pp and the flop always has at least one overcard

5- the bailout, the board pairing to eliminate kickers so you split with 2 other hands when they shouldn’t have even called the raise.

6- The mad bombers (I actually like them) jump into a limit game & hammer every pot with nothing. But they almost always catch one & end up with a big pot.

7- The never folding story, in the long run I like them but it stings when they have called 10 bets & catch their one miracle out, let me say that again, they catch their one miracle out.

8- The I play in big money games all the time chat...then why are you at a $5 single table tournament?

9- folding 2-7 off (like you should) and seeing the flop come with 2's or 7's FOR THE 8TH TIME IN THE SAME EVENING

10- sitting for an hour, having to pee, and getting knocked out of a tournament because some dude decided to call your all in with 3-5 off and he hits a straight.

in the meantime save me a seat at the final table


At 10:28 PM , Blogger Victor_Enriq said...

Nice one, I could hardly agree more...


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