The curse of Multi

In the age of media stimulation..........don't be a MULTI.
I typically play a "warm-up" on PP when first sitting down to play. A $5 single table NL, typically an easy way to pick up some dough and get a feel for how much of a butt-kickin I'm gonna unleash on a higher game (i wish it was that easy all the time).
Nonetheless, I been getting into this blog thing and holy heyzoouss there is soo much worth while to read (see read or perish on the left sidebar).....
Hi my name Uwannabet? and I'm a multitasker. (I think that the first of 12 steps)
So I read blogs and play at the same time flipping between screens, hell it's only a 5 bucker.
I typically finish in the money, and win alot of them.....but now I'm pissed (anger is that one of the 12 steps?).
One word of advice and please if you never read another word on this site READ THESE,
I don't care if you are playing for $5 or 5 million, keep focus on the game and pick up all the information on your opponents. That way while you're laughing at al can't hang or taking some advise from HDouble you wouldn't have missed that seat 6 has not played a hand in forever, is so tight, that just to call he would have to have  3 A's in the hole (yep AAA he's that tight, it's hard to get 3 pocket Aces in holdem, but he's that tight). If you would have picked up on that little bit of info, maybe I'd still be playing and not preachin.
and just for today save me a seat at the second to last table


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