ohhh how true

While watching a rerun of WPT yesterday........

the wife puts things in perspective (after seeing a big bluff called)

"Sometimes it just comes down to the cards."

Why always try to make moves? Make the stellar/crafty play?

I can hear her words after my AA gets cracked by a guy, calling 2 raises with 7h-8h this morning. He almost knocked me out (3-table PL) $300 left.

No wait that's the job of the guy who called 2 big raises with 6-6  against
(As-Qs me) and (Kc-Qc other dude). Of course the 6-6 holds up, well i'm off to get my K-K cracked by Q-2 off ........................ahh there it is. 

Clueless 2 Hometeam 0

save me a seat at the final table


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