Royality, Radar Guns, and the 'boys

First, if you have not read Mean Gene's  latest, do so now he's got the pulse of the brewing Poker Gang Wars.

Every once in a while, you sit down at a table (or virtual table) and immediately you know, what everybody holds,  you know your 10 kicker is gonna be good. Zone, Rush, whatever you wanna call it.... you are dialed in.  I had a good little run on PP like this the other night.

The 45 minute span included a royal flush, (of which I'm convinced will only ever win you an average of $22), an idle threat of "I'm gonna get you" from another player ((toot toot, (my own horn) I busted him in 12 minutes)) and a nice little bankroll infusion.

When you are rollin like this push, push, push but be wary you never know when the train is gonna hit the station, and another conductor will start driving. I guess it's cautious agressiveness, kinda like flying down the expressway  at 90 mph with the cruise on, foot hovering over the brake, cuz pretty soon you'll turn a corner and it's smokey the bear, radar gun pointed at you and a big smile on his face.

I guess the moral of the story is (wow that sounds pompous) put the pedal to the floor but don't forget you still have a break.

Side note: I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, (and I know what you are thinking) and have been a fan for 22 years, but this year is killing me, stomping on my soul, spiraling me into a pit of despair, Eddie Ge0rge, and Keyshawn J0hnson? I could not think of two players I dislike more, nonetheless it's Bill's ship now (as much as Jerry will let it be) and hopefully we will be sailing into the playoffs...

am I clapping with one hand?

save me a seat at the final table


At 8:56 AM , Blogger JW said...

Hah! Two comments in one reading session. Sorry my new blogging friend, but I'm a Tampa fan. So good ridance to Keyshawn and I hope you enjoy him!!! Ah hell, who am I kidding? You'll still probably do better than our wimpering little team will manage this year.


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