Tear it up kid, but watch out for that switch

The little man behind the curtain must have flipped the magic switch....

For the past 2-3 days you could not stop me, you could not contain me, as a matter of fact I'm pretty sure 3/4th of you couldn't even see me. It was a thing of beauty, averaging 50 bucks an hour playing 1-2.

It was a thing of beauty, a virtual masterpiece of poker playing, I started impressing myself. Perfect "virtual" reads, catching great cards, getting every dollars worth. Ru$h, Ru$h, Ru$h.

I started thinking.... from what I read the PP games don't change complexion that much until you hit the 5-10 level. What the hell I'm flush, stacks of cash hanging out of my virtual pockets.

Let's give it a run, see it there is any significant differences on the next rung of the ladder.

First hand 10c-10d, early position, let's see if a raise gets any respect at thi....re-raised, one other caller, I call (the tens are shrinking)  flop comes Kc-10s-Ac

I'm not on the defensive yet, let's toss a bet out there to check where I stand, call, call, hmmmm
either I'm getting slow rolled or we are looking at two smaller pairs.  Turn 7d

I'll check it and see if anyone decides to come out of their shell, check, check.

Now either one of these guys is doing a great milk job or my set is boss, river Jc

Now I'm convinced one of these guys has to have me, Three clubs on the board, I'll toss out one more bet to keep me in the drivers seat, check the temperature of the water, hell a bet here represents the flush, fold, Re-Raise damn this sob hit a J for a set or worse yet he hit the flush with some junk he shouldn't have even started with (sound familiar it's party after all).

Now I'm up against it, well, if this dude has me, he has he, but I'm not going to fold it on the river, (soo many players fold it on the river, and many times if you are in the hand with good starting cards it's worth the call).

This is where you get a little insight into my noggin, if I'm gonna pay this guy off he at least is gonna get his money's worth....I re-raise.

Long dramatic pause, cripes it felt like twenty minutes, (I like the pause, if he had me I'd expect a quick re-raise or call.)

He calls...with j-10 off suit....I smile, my heart rate starts slowing down, ship it.
I love this game.

And somewhere out there the little man behind the curtain, flipped the switch the other way, and I've been getting my head kicked in, at every level. It's been pretty rude, they may bust me but little do they know they'll never break me.

save me a seat at the final table


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