It's amazing the amount of posts that are on recpoker.com, profound to absurd but there seems to be one constant.......

See if you can figure out who this is, by these insightful comments:

Y'all are both wrong.

Are you nuts? Being an anti-war protestor was not generally considered to be a viable road to getting elected to anything.

You're wrong.


So dealers should share tips with the players?

The invasion of Iraq had nothing at all to do with the war on terror.

Dump the g/f.  It's a much more effective use of your time to hire a h00ker to give you a bl0w j0b while you're playing online, that way you don't have to fool with that spending time with her stuff.

I usually pay attention.

What the hell does that mean?
Now I'll admit that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I agree with some, disagree with many, but I've never seen anyone that has an opinion ON EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME, and can convey it in such a condescending manner.

And that is just the first few responses I found.

I posted this over the weekend and got no comment, no rebuttal, not even a whimper. (After reading the millionth post bashing Full-Tilt, Paul Phillips, Pros in general)
Let's all bash:

For what? trying to provide another site? Having the resources to promote
their venture?

Paul Phillips
For looking out for the players? Being successful in life and poker?

For being successful? Having an opinion? Doing what 99% of the people that
subscribe to this group WISH THEY WERE DOING?

The Flamer
cuz everyone knows, despite his rants and threats of quitting, purging his
hard drive of poker etc. he'll be back posting the clueless posts in a
matter of days.

Am I missing something or did the flop hit me and I check raised you for all your chips??

save me a seat at the final table




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