Newbies, the call to post, and a boatride..

Much to my dismay the newbie tournament last weekend didn't happen...man was I bummed. But it's still in the works (muwaahaaaa).
So fearing a weekend without a little cash in action I ventured off to the pony yard. The last few times I have been to the racetrack, they have KILLED me. I'm not a 5 star handicapper but I'm no slouch either. When you go to the track and everyone knows your name is is the sign of a problem??

I purposely, repeat purposely only took $60 with me, which is about 1/3 to 1/4th of my normal stake. Sometimes when you have a limited bankroll it forces you to play smart, only bet in the premium situations etc. This is tough to do sometimes but with getting fleeced the last few trips out, I had to pull back on the reins and re-evaluate.

This is not too far from a good poker strategy, when (god forbid) you hit a wave of cold cards or endless beats.

Here's the quick track summary down, up, down, up, up, up, down, down, down, up and that's after umpteen rounds of beers and lunch. + $7.50, you can call me Trotter.

Sidenote if you have never seen Let it Ride, go to the video store now, no I mean right now, It's the perfect comic summary of every racetrack in the country.

With the entire evening free, and a pocket full of cash (I stopped home for some more bullets) one of the newbies that was trying to arrange the not-to-ever-happen tournament, said the magic 5 words, "Want to hit the casino?"

Unfortunately, the local riverboat, the same one with ample space for a cardroom, has no pokerroom. Ride the wave, try a pokerroom, in this area it would be packed 24/7 but why give the people what they want?

Here's the quick casino summary down, down, down, little up, big down, little down,
net sum -$XXX (XXX just in case my accountant reads this).

Good luck to all in the Monty Memorial Poker Blogger Tournament
(I'll see y'all when it makes a stop at PP)

save me a seat at the final table



At 11:50 AM , Blogger ToddCommish said...

A thousand pardons. May I link to your site?

There, now I asked. Now, sod off!


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