You can't beat me from here......

I have played a lot of poker lately, a lot and if someone would email/call PP and tell them to turn off the 4 to a flush boards I'd really appreciate it. (Yes they are running bad). So I decided to take the day off and hit the racetrack. No offense to Pokerati and his buddy Todd but I'm looking to have a little bit better luck than their latest outing (crossing fingers).
l djk sajbas kldjasdlf (uncrossing fingers so I can type). Better yet I have a sweet, oh so sweet home game in the works tonight, please oh please let this game happen. 99% of the players in this game will be newbies, let me repeat poker newbies, once again poker newbies with money.

I really really really hope this home game happens, nonetheless I hear the "call to post."

save me a seat at the beginners table



At 11:00 AM , Blogger Keith said...

Nice blog, I enjoy reading it. Beware the poker newbies- it also means that most plays you try on them will never work.


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