Carb loading per se, and what the hell you writing?

So, I have a pretty good tournament to play in tomorrow, it's a charity tied thing and it was a blast last time well except for the 10's. Almost 11k to the winner paying down to 15th with max of 300 players.

I've been debating, play a bunch this evening and get sharpened up or play none. I see both sides of the argument, (ohh be right back, just got check-raised), GOTCHA. Err where was I, yeah playing a bunch or (be right back) not playing. I am leaning (I'm sorry this is the last time I promise, be right back) toward playing a bit tonight.

AHHHH I just put a guy all-in for his last 400 after I flopped a set of A's and he calls with Kh-3d,
with no K's on the board.....OMG he just hit runner runner to make a K high flush.
What a country!

Anywho, I was wondering do any of youse guyze/galz take notes while playing live? And do you get any flack (click it, no it's not layne) for doing it?

A little clean-up here, regarding the MASSIVELY popular "poker epitaph" thing I did a couple of weeks ago Mr. Pokeronfilm was the only brave soul to submit one therefore he wins a copy of The Tao of Poker by Larry Phillips.

Hey if you visit here and have a blog of your own let me know, if I like what you do I'll link out.
(wow that just sounds waaayyy pompous)

save me a seat at the final table



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