Poker is soo rigged

Sometimes I just wish the poker gods would stop kicking me in the junk. Sweet Jebus, lettgo my eggos. I'm starting to think that a group of blindfolded kids are going to run up and pin a tale on me. Hee-Haaa Hee-Haa.

It's rather drastic the swings you can have in the matter of 3-4 hands. Grind, Gind, Grind, start getting a little bored with the grind, loose a decent hand. Clamp back down grind, grind, grind, loose a slightly bigger hand to a donktastic 4-7os when your opponent hits his straight on the river cracking your set. Immediately go on tilt for 3 hands, drop another chunk of your buy-in. Shake yourself out of the funk, grind, grind, grind. Get disgusted that you get no action on any pre-flop raise, and everytime you slowplay a decent hand it gets mauled by the gnashing teeth of a rabid donkey on meth.

Rinse Repeat

Other than that everything has been great. I've been holding my own playing HU (hell if it weren't for the HU games I'd be much much more bitter). I really just cannot believe some of the horrific plays that I see...ok screw that I'm already getting sick of my crying.

Don't forget Heafy (he's a good bloke) and I'd sure like to see him get a good showing for his Honeymoon Classic. After all he's got to wake up at 10 am to play, so you know he's going to be a little sleepy and not at the top of his game.

save me a seat at the final table (hell at this point just save me a seat)

Isn't it about time to get another WPBT event set up? huh? huh? (please god don't let it be H.O.R.S.E)


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