Blow by Blow

I'm 99% sure I will never play in one of these again. It's the worst of the worst, striving to be their fishiest. Oh yeah it quite an all-in fest & it seems like the power hand is Q-9 off suit.

PS NLHE WSOP Freroll 400FPP 146 entered (3 who have played poker before, & 143 that think it's cool & saw it on TV) (9 move to next round)

12:06 AM
hand #3 A-A I preflop raise to 100 get 3 callers & a re-raise to 500
I push all-in 2 callers, A-A cracked by Q-9os he hit a third 9 on the river, 330 chips left.

12:14 AM
A-K push all in with 290 take the blinds & make one minimum raiser cry.

12:22 AM
A-A push all in for 335 two callers aces stand up 1430 (chip leader has 7610)

12:34 AM
we have already lost 54 players (chipleader has 7755)

12:41 AM
half the field is already gone in only 41 minutes (chipleader 8650)

12:58 AM
A-A push all in for 1110 no takers but I do pick up 500 worth of limper money (chipleader 9093)

1:03 AM
Break 55 players left I'm sitting at 47th out of 55 with 1510. I only have to double up 3 times to take the lead! (chipleader 11485)

1:18 AM
limp w/ A-2 from the sb, it's checked down but I hit a 2 on the turn & take the blinds

1:25 AM
A-K push all in for 1210 called in one spot by K-Qos he hits a Q on the flop I finish 35th

oh joy.

save me a seat at the final table

p.s. check back soon for "The Summit"


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