Do as I say.......

School's in session listen up and take your seats. You in the back! I said take a seat!
(Damn kids) OK everyone pay attention, get out your notepad and a sharp number 2 pencil this IS something worth taking notes on.

Ever get sooo into a groove with your online play that it's like everyone's cards are face up? This is a slight exaggeration, but while they are runnin good, well they're runnin good. You get a feel for everyone's online play and immediately can draw a bead on your opponents (well as much as you can in online play). From the middle of February till about the third week in March. I could not make a wrong move (well this is exaggerated a bit as well, but holy hell was I hot). I went on a tear and doubled, tripled, quadrupled, even septupled my buy-ins on almost every session. Ahh those were the days of wine & roses. Capping off a great run with, a nice score in a PP 20MTT.
That's exactly when a voice came over the intercom and said, "Uwannabet to the principal's office, Mr Uwannabet please come to the principal's office."

That's definitely when the fun stopped.
Some (or most) of you all might be a little more advanced or refined as a player than I but I'll continue nonetheless. It took me a few weeks, to wise up and realize that I am the exact same player that just went on a good run and have finally come back to earth (with slightly lighter pockets).

I let the run of cards influence what starters I played & how I played them. Which is not all bad, when you're hitting everything... but disastrous when your missing your draws & not hitting those flops. The bottom line in this incoherent, mismash of poorly formed thoughts is no matter if you are on a great run, or you can't even hit bottom pair. You must keep in perspective that good cards, played aggressively win money. Quite profound huh? I could have saved a lot of space and a lot of your time with one sentence, but where's the fun in that?
Ringriiinnnggg class is over.

And now for a little randomness.

Mr. Shulman take all that bullshit "Card Player Classics" section out of your mag, the tournament circuit schedules and maybe I'll pony up the dough and renew, OK? Until then don't even bother asking. A classic from not even a year ago, puuleeze.
The I want to link exchange emails from random, often foreign webmasters....go to hell. Better yet I imagine your hell as sitting strapped into a chair having to listen to your own email script read aloud by roseanne barr, as she dances around you nude, with the soft background music of her singing the national anthem ringing in your ears.
It's beginning to be a chore to read all the damn posts that show up, will you guys/girls slow down a little? It's like a friggin job trying to keep up. (a job that you like is that possible?)

save me a seat at the final table


At 4:01 PM , Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Never shall I slowdown! lol. Ya, its no fun when you hit a dry patch. I get into the mentaility of "Making back to (x) dollars".. instead of letting it happen. Like somehow the cosmos owes me that level of bankroll. It is kind of funny.

At 5:53 PM , Blogger Poker Gamer said...

in the zone....i hear you seriuosly!

At 7:41 PM , Blogger Poker Gamer said...

teachin class buddy? :) hello again. Thanks for the link to my blog. i see you've got more good posts. do you think you could hook me up w/ a link to my other poker strategy website? I've been working on it so hardcore for the past 2 months and it has a lot of good poker articles that i'd like to pass the word about. i'd love a link and any feedback.


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