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Having the typical 27 things to do on a Sunday and add the fact that it was Mother's Day and I HAD to cut the grass before my neighbors stormed the casa de Uwannabet with pitchforks & torches, I managed to sneak away for a few hours to hook up with some of the blogosphere's most colorful poker players.

(NOTE-I managed to get completely destroyed at the racetrack the day before, What?! like you had Giacomo? Nonetheless, I knew that it's not too often that you can surround yourself with a great bunch of people, even if you were not going to play one hand of poker).........

I jabbed the elevator button, took a step back and leaned against the wall with a blank stare at the closing doors. What the hell am I doing? I could wake up in a bathtub filled with ice 12 hours later wondering where the hell my kidneys went. Ahh screw it, I don't think you need those anyway. As the elevator doors slid open, I rounded the corner to the suite and gathered all of the random mental sketches into what everyone should look like. I'd seen a picture of the Good Doctor, so that's an easy one. Iggy, Snailtrax and Rants were another story.

Three steps from the door to the suite, I could hear the clicking of chips and the muffled voices. A faint voice could be made out saying "I raise."
I knocked like normal people do, no secret knock needed to gain entry.

The door swung open and I nearly passed out right there.
You know when you were younger & were playing football in the backyard and had the wind knocked out of you, same feeling only no one had tackled me. Standing in front of me was a 4 foot 2 inch dwarf, with a t-shirt that read "Bonus CODE IGGY" Holy hell it was true, Iggy is a suburban housewife dwarf. I thought it was all jokes and friendly ribbing around the digital poker table. But it WAS TRUE!

The look on my face must have been a cross between shock, and that nervous workplace smile that you have to give when meeting with the colleagues from another office. "Hey" I managed to spit out, while scanning the scene over the head of our host.
"I'm Uwannabet"
"Come on in" the Iggster smiled and I knew that she would never slip me a mickey, carve out my kidneys on the room service cart and FedEX them to a wealthy recipient in the outskirts of Molla Con Puerto. Whew! one irrational fear banished.

Surrounding the table was the rest of the (can't say crew, it's outlawed in 12 states now) cast.

I spotted the Doc right away, (it's easy when you've seen a picture before) well it's typically easy but the picture I had seen before did have him surrounded with four girls twisted in a mass of humanity with limbs askew, I didn't know that girls could bend that way but nonetheless the NY Yankee hat, the notepad & pen made it easier.

The young scamp Rants offered up a handshake and a quick introduction. While shaking his hand I noticed an nice watch strapped to wrist, holy hell this guy wears a Rolex as his everyday knock around watch? (mental note stay away from any big pots with this guy, he'll put you all in faster than you can say NIKE red tinted contacts).

On to Snailtrax, I immediately hated this guy anyone who can pull off wearing a Riggins jersey and a hat you you just have to watch out for. After the first moment or two of irrational hatred (I'm a Cowboys fan and we have that wash of hatred for all things Redskin), I soon realized this is one hell of a funny guy. If you're not paying attention he'll slip 2-3 damn funny comments right past ya.

Oh by the way you can often tell the quality of people by how quickly you are offered a beer. Beer in hand in under 5 minutes (You guys rule).

It was an absolute blast getting to meet Iggy (and his cast of merry men), The Good Doctor, Rants and Snailtrax. Hopefully next time I won't have 27 things to do (and no time to do them), and I'll actually get to play some poker.

Save me a seat at the blogger table.


At 1:36 AM , Blogger Ignatious said...

lol, funny stuff.

damnit, you shoulda played. next time, i'm hoping. :)

At 2:04 AM , Anonymous Jaxia said...

Cowboys fan? Where do you live again? You wouldn't be a fan if you had to sit through traffic after a game...

At 3:27 PM , Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

AWESOME to finally meet you Mr. D! Next time I come to Cincy, you're playing!! Great recap.

At 3:57 PM , Blogger peacecorn said...

27 things to do? That's an unconscious hammer reference if I ever heard one!

At 9:10 AM , Blogger JW said...

As usual, great posts. Sorry I haven't been around for so long. Keep up the good fight!


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