My "it's way too early" pick, and holy hell it's been a year?

I wonder how ESPN would like a final table of the WSOP main event filled with unknowns? Not the most riveting TV, but it would be fun to see how they decided to "spin" it. It won't happen. It's still way early to start picking favorites, way too early. (Chip seems due for a big tourney score, sorry Chip I'm pretty sure that's the kiss of death).

If you have been living under the expressway and decided today was the day to rejoin the "race" jump over to the Doc's house to get your updates. He's doing a terrific job keeping everyone informed, providing up to date details on the Redneck Riviera, oh yeah he's also covering some poker tournament thingy too.

Just in case you never understood the whole dwarf thing go visit Iggy he's reposted the birth of the story. (just between you and me.... she is actually a little person and most of you would never guessed not only a little person but a 52 year old housewife to boot, who knew?)

Poker... let's see.... poker ummm..... FT has been kicking me in the junk & PS has been treating me like royalty (card wise that is), and PP is well PP. I have been playing in a few MTT's, I've also found that playing a cheapo HU match while folding the levels away in the MTT is a great way to get your action fix. It fights off the urge to "mix it up" and have some action while letting all the donkeys push all in with Q-7os.

Wow I just realized this hunk of crap is a year old now, sweet jebus (aside from my little break) I've been filling the www with meaningless banter for a year. Bad thing is I really have not found my groove. Ahh screw it. The way I see it is we all can't be brilliant, the world needs ditch diggers too. I will venture out on a limb & set some goals for the next year (in no particular order)

1) play in at least one WSOP event next year
2) find a niche for this rag I call a blog
3) play more live
4) meet at least 3 new bloggers
5) hit the lottery
6) drop the hammer at the final table of the WSOP main event, right before getting assessed a 10 minute penalty for pinching Evelyn Ng's butt...and while serving my penalty calling ACH for a dial-a-shot, low fiving Iggy for putting the entire table on tilt by standing on the good doctor's shoulders (to see over the crowd) and yelling bonus code IGGY dammit while giving the finger to the entire room.

Ok maybe number 5 is a little unrealistic.

Save me a seat at the final table.


At 9:35 PM , Blogger peacecorn said...

Meet me! (At the WSOP!)

I'm going to try to keep track of all the bloggers who publicly state their intention to play next year. I've got you listed now--there's no backing out. ;-)


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