Heads Up?

It's amazing out of the gazillion online players I think about 12 can play heads-up. I've been running very well playing a combination of HU & short handed NL. The other night I rattled off 6 straight HU wins. I'm not sure why these players think it's a good idea to play HU. They are horrific, clueless, action junkies that don't know anything but raise preflop 3x to 5x the blind on every hand. They have no reason for doing so, they have no idea how to mix things up, the just heard that you are supposed to raise HU. I absolutely LOVE them, they are the clueless masses that fill my coffers.

I played a guy today that raised 3x the blind the first 15 hands, his best hand (that I saw) during the first 15 was A-3os with paint all over the board. I guess he heard Mike Sexton or VVP in his head saying "You have to raise, you have to raise." He would toss out the 3x raise and I would either re-raise him, (getting him to fold) or toss out a pot sized bet on the flop regardless of my hand (getting him to fold). It became laughable, I started showing him every one of my hands after he folded, I'd show him 7-4os with a board of nothing but overs, I'd also mix in showing him the nutz. It drove him crazy. He had no idea what I held at anytime, I even started to tell him what cards I had (this confused him even more).

He then started to try & mix up his play, this proved to be disastrous for his stack.

Midway through the game he started back to his old tricks, with the 3x raise. I re-raised him to 6x...pause, pause, pause..he calls. The flop comes A-4-10 (rainbow) I fire a 1/2 pot sized bet, he calls. Turn is K. 1/2 pot size bet, he calls. River 6, I push. He stalls, so being the nice guy that I am I typed...you missed your hand, you have 2 choices re-raise on a bluff or save yourself the agony & fold. He decides to fold...and being the nice guy that I am I decided to show him J-4os.

Now don't get me wrong I wasn't doing this to be mean, just to illustrate a point that if you are going to play HU have a little variety to your play, mix it up. Don't listen to the donkey voices in your head when they say "you must raise every hand when playing HU"

(editor's note: by no means is this a "I'm the greatest HU player in the world post" far from it.
I ended up losing the above game, all it takes is a well timed suckout by your opponent, to cripple your stack)

save me a seat at the heads up table


At 1:51 PM , Blogger stannum said...

Ahh, I was raving about the heads up games some time ago. I went on a few streaks of 13+ wins in a row. There were some long losing streaks but I like to ignore those suckfests :).

Generally the players suck, the games are fast, and its a better way to (nearly) double up a buyin than playing the no limit tables (which require much more skill than I can muster)

At 6:31 PM , Blogger WillWonka said...

There are a few of us having a pretty small time Heads Up Challenge. More for bragging rights; but if you interested check out my website and then link to High on Poker's website.. He is running the show.
It will be on Noble.. just so you know. It starts next Monday.

At 11:11 PM , Blogger pokerpeaker said...

The only thing that is frustrating to me is like to play a lot of sngs, and by the time you reach heads-up, the blinds are so radical it's almost a crapshoot. I don't play it like it is, but I'm like 2-13 in heads up play lately and I'm just really frustrated. I do mix it up, put pressure on the other player, but it seems like I'm getting bad luck. And one hand of bad luck kills you when the blinds are that high.
I know... the first sign of a mediocre player is when he blames bad luck on losing...but any advice?


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