Poker, Ike, Tina, Mike, Golf, Football, and a few points to ponder

You gotta be joking, Unfrickenbelieveable, you call a raise with that, !#$%&#!??, !$?{[*#$%,
great play ( you clueless fish), !##?%&$ !?*&*^%, unreal, you had what..one out good call jackass.

So that sums up my last week of poker, quite possibly the worst and longest series of beatings EVER (I exaggerate for effect). It's been bad. I now know what if feels like to be Tina after Ike gets home in a bad mood or what almost every boxer felt like when stepping into to the ring with Iron Mike (in his prime of course). Hell I'm even starting to relate to CUBS Fans, well not just yet. The New Orleans Ain'ts, the Red Sox, Charlie Brown trying to kick the football, the coyote trying to catch the roadrunner. You get the idea.

I don't keep stats (I know, I know), but I'm contemplating starting, at least this way if it's a hole in my game it'll jump out in the stats.

I've just been inspired by JW over at Outkicked this might be my longest post to date, better pack a lunch, grab a comfy chair, cuz this is gonna be a full-out-incoherent-rambling-everything and the kitchen sink kind of post (minus the play-by-play hands).

Football how I love thee, let me count the parlays.....

Finally football season is here. If you have not jumped into the fray, over at The Tao of Poker
time's running out. Dr. Pauly got himself a wing-ding, football pool. I was inspired by the well known (hell of a lot more well known than me!) poker bloggers that jumped into the pool.
So during this week of non-poker playing, well at least until Saturday night's home tourney, I'm focusing on fantasy football. I love competition.

Speaking of competition, last Friday wass the third installment of night golf with a couple of my friends. Yes night golf, a local (par 3 course) holds these every once in a while. It's just plain fun.
It averages 8-12 teams of 2 players and it's a scramble format. If I've completely lost you.
(it's golf at night, the golf ball you use has a light stick in it, the flags are lit with light sticks, and the cups have a light disk in the bottom, oh you can use a flashlight also).
You, yes you fine reader at looking, err reading the blog of the one any only
Winner of the longest putt. A 15-16 foot, downhill, left to right breaking, snake of a putt. It garners me nothing besides a piece of paper stating, when, where, who. It's about bragging rights. Well it might help my World Rankings too.

I can't do it, I've thrown in the towel, mostly due to blogger eating my first version of this post.

Points to ponder....

If you had $5 left to your name and had to make one sports bet with it what would it be?

If there were only two jars of food left and you have not eaten in a week, what would you choose and why?. Pickled pigs feet or cow tongue? (you have to pick one)

Why in movies do people who are getting chased by murderers/hitmen/monsters/killers etc. run to the bathroom lock the door and then proceed to get behind the flimsy (but ever so protective??) shower curtain?

save me a seat at the final table



At 8:03 PM , Blogger Heafy said...

1 - $5, I would put 5 all up on a week of AFL football. Thats pick the winners for eight games, for a possible return of $1000+.

2 - The pigs feet. I would cook them though, and hey, I like pickles!

3 - It is symbolic of the days of the iron curtain, and how in reality we are all being chased by something sinister. In the shower you are normally naked and clean, and the beast plans on getting you in this vunrable state. It represents everything that is trying to exploit the naked, clean, innocence and pure in your society, and all you have to protect you is a thing sheath of plastic - another man made product much like the rage of the beast following you. The sheath is made to keep the water in the shower, and as we all know water represents life. Or am I just talking shit?

At 1:06 PM , Blogger ToddCommish said...

1. I'd bet on tonight's game (Pats -3). After all, if I only have $5 to my name, I wanna bet on something that's resolved TODAY. If I bet on the Super Bowl, I might not eat until February.

2. I'd eat the jar and leave the feet and tongue till I was really really desperate.

3. Ummm, movies are make-believe. The situations presented are not real.

At 1:56 PM , Blogger JW said...

Hey, thanks for the reference, but am I really incoherant? ;)


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