Omaha & the trip reports.

Let's get this out of the way..It was one of the most painful Saturdays ever, sitting at the horsetrack, knowing that the who's who of bloggers were hitting the tables in LV. Gladly they sell beer there and you can actually place a "wager" on the outcome of each race.
Who knew? (if you don't get the humor stop reading now, I think there's a rerun of Driving Ms Daisy on channel 9)

I honestly admire some of the writing, analysis, dedication and insight into poker, that is provided to me via this magic box that sits on my desk. Keep the trip reports coming. When's the next one???? You might as well pencil me in right now.

Onward, come to find out I'm an ANIMAL at Omaha, I just finished up a session 9x my buy in. Yes 9X my buy in. I've only played twice before, but have taken to the game rather quickly. I pose this challenge to my reader. I will play anyone, anytime, Omaha at PS. Just let me know and I will meet you at the .05/.10 limit tables. All joking aside, I think it's a great idea the PS offers microlimit games, it gives you a chance to learn different games and what if you have a terrible night and lose your buy-in at the table you'll be stuck a whopping $1.

Keep feeding us lowlife no goods with the tales from WPBT, but save me a seat at the WPBT II.


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