Party Madness..fun for the whole family

Well as soon as you sit down to a nice evening of NL do you expect, someone at the table to say,
"Hey XXXXXX I did your mom, OK" (I must paraphrase, but that's pretty much the gist). Would you stick around at that table after that welcome? Or say you sit down with a small buyin and immediately the big stack at the table says, "Hey XXXX I want your 9 dollars." Is this the environment in which you would like to start an evening of card playing?

This was just a sample of the banter that was flying around the table last night at PP, with the likes of The Blogfather, ALCantLimp, TheFilmGeek, SirWhatchamacallit, (sorry Sir I about fell out of my chair laughing when Al typed that), Pauly for a few hands, BadBlood for a couple as well. (If I missed anyone my deepest apologies). I lurked around for a while (most of you don't/didn't know my screen name), but alas the blogger in me came out when I managed to take down a HUGE pot (musta been like 2.13) with DA HAMMER. I knew my lurking time was over. It was an absolute blast, and besides being pretty tired and making a few bad plays near 2A.M. (surrendering about 25 of my profit). I still managed to double my buy in. With a crowd like the above at the table I was happy to escape with my dignity!

If the new players deciding to sit down at our table only knew what they landed in the middle of...if they only knew.

save me a seat at the blogger table!


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