Tourney Madness

It all started last night after sitting down for a nice relaxing SnG at PS. I played a few orbits and low and behold I am blessed with QQ (immediately thinking of every horror story retold by the good Dr. Pauly and his dealings with the Hilton Sisters) I realize this might not be a blessing. Nonetheless, I push out a slightly large bet only to be called at two spots.
(start sinking feeling now).
The flop is A-10-2 (rainbow) always seems like an overcard falls huh?

Check, Check, (hmm with these rabid dogs I have a real good shot of winning this with a bet)
So, I fire an equal to my raise bet back at the checkers. Fold, Call (rut roh, I could be sunk)
The Turn Q (well well well, it looks like it's gonna be a trifecta today)
Check, Check
The River 7 of nothing. Fire! Fire! Fire! I push all in with smile, only to have "Mr. I love to slow play A-A" call me in a flash. Thank you for playing please have these lovely parting gifts.

Some poker pro once said it perfect, Oh the humanity! and use bonus code IGGY damnit!

So now It's 11:30, I'm on full tilt, mad at myself for not having a good read on my opponent, what to do.... what to.... work tomm, should go to bed.
Oh, I know enter two tourneys at the same time. (5 & 10 SNG)

These were the s l o w e s t t w o t a b l e s i n t h e w o r l d ! At these levels the victims seem to fall pretty quickly, unless you are on tilt and have to go to work in the morning. Then they turn into 75-year-old-grey-haired-leather-assed-grind-you-into-tears-stone-cold-rocks.

After a few ups and downs, but mostly ups, I found myself head-to-head on both tables!
Wrapping up a win at both tables at 1:30am. Somehow the wins (however small) didn't make me that tired at work today, amazing what a couple of W's can do to your mindframe.

Fast forward to tonight......Riding the feelgood wave of last night, I decided to give the PS 10 NL Super Sat a whirl. It's a re-buy & add-on, which I hate, which I hate. I'd much rather eliminate the mad bomber element, and play poker but sometimes you just dance where you are pointed.

Top 25 qualify for the 350,000 tourney on Sunday at 4:30, 26th gets the 135 extra. Figuring I could fold into the money, much to my surprise the blinds rose just as my BB was called for.
Having the BB putting you all in (BB was 20k I had 14k left) and the bubble not yet decided, was well lets say torture, but per normal the stallers took the max time all the way around and God bless the small blind for folding. We found our bubble man/woman. Final tally of chips placed me 6th overall and a seat in the Sunday tourney.

So if your not busy and want to stop by for a chat, I'll be giving 'em hell at PS Sunday at 4:30.

save me a seat at the final table


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