You have to close the door!

I had been wanting to play in PS sat to the Sunday 250, it always seems like I'm just missing the start or it won't start for hours. Anywho, Last week I vowed to give it a whirl, starting at midnight, with 721 players. (Will someone fix me breakfast when I'm done???)

Sleep be damned.
My new mantra in tourney play is WWDPDITTS
(What-Would-Dr Pauly-Do-In-This-Tournament-Situation)

I really don't like re-buy tourneys. I understand why it's done, but it brings out a chemical reaction in the brain that makes fish go wild. It's an ugly sight.

It fuels play like...
A-7 off after a raise & re-raise.... I'm all in....lose re-buy. Or even worse they hit a hand with junk and then tout how good they are. Ok you get the idea I dislike re-buys, plus it adds hours to the tourney.

I played good, a little loose in the beginning, hoping to see a few more flops and take advantage of the fishy all-ins. For the most part never getting a good chip stack, just hovering around the average.

Side-note I never played in a tourney while listening to music. Wow, it keeps me focused and makes time fly by. I'm not going to miss any audio tells.

(Guess I'm gonna have to go get a WPT starter kit, sunglasses, iPod, cool card marker and a
kick-ass poker shirt. Oh yeah I'll need a nickname as well..HA)

On last night's playlist:
Afghan Whigs
Lead Belly
R.L. Burnside
Johnny Cash

If you keep betting and keep betting with garbage, people will fold. And when they take you to a showdown and you flip k-2 off. I pays off 5x when you actually have a hand. This is the m.o. of one of the players at the table last night. Utter junk, but that never stopped him from betting, and collecting a good size chip stack. Amazing.

I'll save you the blow-by-blow hand details (I get tired of reading them about 1/2 way through).

3 hours and 3 minutes into the tourney, blinds are 1k/2k with a 100 ante, I'm in the big blind and for the first time all night the blinds get folded to me. And it only took 3+hours. Sweet

I'm sitting about 175 out of 229 (or something around that) with about 11k in chips, the
leader(s) are sitting with stacks of 100k, much work to be done.

I absolutely love the stats that are available while playing on PS. I't a great way to pin down your play in an objective fashion. By this gauge I'm playing a little tight, but hell it's a long haul.

After folding, folding, folding, and now I'm in the BB with about 7k left, I catch 10-10.
two limpers, (trigger finger ichy) I drop the hammer with an all-in, and both call, (not what I expected).

Great flop Q-10-X, (hit my set, staring to count my chips) well the second caller decides to drop "Ethel's hammer of pain" and pushes in with about 10k more, and the other guy calls. (I'm getting a bad feeling).

The cards are flipped 10-10 (me), Qh-9h (first caller), A-A (second caller) better than I thought!

Turn is Q (board Q-10-x-Q) sweet, I'm on a luxury boat cruzin to the money.
river A

Man over board, man over board, my 20ft runabout just got capsized by 150ft yaht.

83rd out of 721

The good thing is that for placing 83rd they will be sending me a free copy of
Dr.Pauly's "How to Close the Damn Door and Win one for a change" I think it's in it's third print run now.

save me a seat at the final table


At 1:23 AM , Blogger hdouble said...

That's a great selection of musicians. I'm stealing your Ipod at the final table. Hang in there, make it to the long run.


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