Would you play poker for a stunning broach?

So Mrs. Uwannabet? asks me, " Why are all the awards/prizes for winning so girly?"


If you win the Masters you get a green jacket.
If you win the Superbowl you get a ring.
If you win the Derby you get a blanket of roses.
If you win the WSOP you get a bracelet.
If you win the Poker Blogger Tournament should you get some earrings or a stunning broach?

Of course many of the times a big fat check comes along with it or a monstrous, shiny trophy.
It's about the honor, prestige, cash and bragging rights. So the answer to the rhetorical question is YES, I would play poker for a stunning broach especially if it came along with a check for 5 mil. and bragging rights of being the best.

save me a seat at the final table.



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