Would you......

Call a 600 dollar raise (that would represent almost 1/2 your stack) in the second hour of a tourney with 5-5 preflop?

Of course you would.

And then call a 765 dollar bet when the flop has three overs?

Of course you would.

Would you call a 1600 dollar raise preflop with 6-7 off (which is all your stack)?

Of course you would.

Why?? Because you play at Party.

And they will bail you out with the third 5 on the river and the bookends for your 8 high straight.

I'm convinced fish are the #1 reason for:

Premature blogger graying hair.
Premature blogger baldness.
At least one broken monitor a week.
The dog/cat getting kicked for no reason.
One spilled drink an hour.
Countless sleepless nights filled with nightmares.
At least one "I quit, I'm never playing this game again" per half hour.
One broken mouse per fifteen minutes.

ahh that was cathartic.

save me a seat at the final table


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