Angry Poker

So yesterday I am 3 table-ing at PP, and get dealt at the same time AA, AA, AK. Only to get rocked on all three tables by set of 8's, set of K's and a Q high flush. From now on nothing but ANGRY POKER.

It's not revolutionary, it's not ground breaking, it's solid poker. No FPS, No free cards, no BS get a solid hand and punish the other players with it. Hammer the pot. Punish them like they just stole yer truck, with yer best hunting dog in the passenger seat, a full cooler of Coors in the bed, and as they drove off they insulted yer mamma and Hank Sr. in the same sentence. Punish them for every card. Hammer down Rubber Duck!

save me a seat at the final table


At 6:53 PM , Blogger -EV said...

I LOVE it! Nothing you can do at the low limits we're playing but bludgeon the other players to death with your big hands. I've had a similarly difficult streak with AA lately, and the only thing that gives me comfort about the poor results has been that I think I've played the hands straightforwardly, with as many raises as possible early in the hand(s).

Viva la angry poker!


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